Although there are various kinds of message apps because that you to connect with others, the integrated text message (SMS) business on her iPhone is still essential for you once it pertains to keeping call with the persons we know in actual life. For the messages the contain crucial information or valuable memories, friend will desire to carry the text messages from iphone to computer to make a back-up or for other purposes.

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If you space looking to conserve text message from your iPhone to a computer, it is in it a pc or Mac, review on and you will understand three methods to carry out it.

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Method 1. How to Transfer message Messages from iphone to computer for Free

Advantages: violin iPhone text messages to an accessible and readable format

Are friend planning come export message messages from iphone to computer system for cost-free in a layout that friend can accessibility and see whenever friend want? If so, you room recommended to shot the complimentary iPhone transfer software - MobiMover. MobiMover is an iOS data transfer device that enables you come transfer papers to or from her iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Other than messages, other types of files, including photos, videos, music, ringtones, audiobooks, contacts, and more, are additionally supported.

Download because that PC Download for Mac 

To conserve text messages from iphone to computer for free:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone come your computer system (Mac or PC) and also click to trust on your iPhone to trust this computer. Start MobiMover and navigate come "Content Management". Pick "Messages".


Step 2. Go to "Settings" to pick a folder to conserve the items to be transferred. 


Step 3. Select the messages, consisting of text message (SMS) and iMessages, you want to conserve from her iPhone to the computer and click the "Transfer come PC" button. After that, MobiMover will certainly start downloading text messages from your iPhone to the computer system automatically. As soon as it has actually finished, you can go come the selected folder to check the messages. (The items will be saved an HTML document on her computer, therefore you should open it through a web browser to check out its details.)


After you export her iPhone messages to PC, friend can choose to publish text messages to a PDF file if you require to. Friend can additionally use similar steps to deliver photos from iphone to PC or violin other species of contents from her iOS an equipment to comptuer.

You may have actually noticed the there is a feature called "Video Download" in this tool. Yes, if you need to, girlfriend can also use MobiMover to download videos (or audio) indigenous YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, MySpace, and many other sites come your computer or iPhone/iPad without any type of cost. Walk to the overview on how to download YouTube videos to iPhone for an ext details.

Download for PC Download for Mac 

Method 2. How to Transfer text Messages from iphone to computer system with iTunes

It"s no surprising that you can likewise save text messages from iphone to computer system for complimentary using iTunes. The trouble is that as soon as you export message messages indigenous iPhone through iTunes, you need to export other varieties of content on her mobile phone, too. That"s due to the fact that iTunes functions to transfer text messages from iphone to computer system by backing up her device.

Moreover, although you can accessibility the iPhone backup location on Windows or Mac, friend won"t be able to accessibility and see the details in the backup. Thus, also if you download message messages from iphone to computer successfully, girlfriend cannot view the messages freely as you desire to. The only way you can accessibility the iphone messages from the iTunes backup is to restore your iphone data native the backup.

To transfer text messages from iphone phone to computer with iTunes:

Step 1. Download and also install the latest variation of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and also wait for iTunes come launch automatically.

Step 3. When the prompt asking you whether to to trust the computer shows up on her iPhone, click "Trust".

Step 4. In iTunes, click the maker icon in the height left edge of the window.

Step 5. Choose "Summary" and select "This computer" > "Back up Now" in the "Backups" section.

Step 6. Click "Apply" to begin transferring message messages and other supported papers from her iPhone come the computer.


Method 3. Exactly how to save iPhone messages to computer via iMessages

If you usage a Mac computer and have turn on iMessage on her iPhone, you can copy the message messages on your iPhone come your computer by turning on iMessage on your Mac. Afterward, all her texts and conversations will be synced to your Mac"s Messages app automatically.

Unlike friend transfer message messages from iphone phone to computer using a tool favor MobiMover, the messages you synced to your Mac computer system will also be deleted if you eliminate them from your iOS device. Offered that, if you intended to make a back-up of her iPhone texts, utilizing iMessage is no advisable.

On the contrary, if you simply want come sync your messages throughout your devices, utilizing this solution is very recommended.

To copy message messages from iphone to Mac:

Step 1. Launch the Messages application on your Mac.

Step 2. Enter the apologize ID and also password you use on your iPhone.

Step 3. Click "Messages" native the apple menu and choose "Preferences".

Step 4. Go to the "Accounts" tab and also click your iMessage account.

Step 5. Select "Enable messages in iCloud" and choose "Sync Now" to sync your iPhone message to her computer.


Bonus Tip: How can You Copy an entire Text Conversation ~ above iPhone

Other 보다 questions like "How have the right to I transfer text messages native my iphone to my computer system for free?", many users also ask the question "How do I copy whole text conversation on iPhone?" regarded iPhone texts. If you also have a difficulty copying a entirety conversation, follow the steps listed below to learn how to carry out it.

Step 1. Open the Messages application on her iPhone and also click the conversation you"d like to copy.

Step 2. Press and hold one of the texts in the conversation until choices appear.

Step 3. Choose "More..." and then friend will view there is a checkbox prior to each the the texts.

Step 4. Click the checkbox to select the entire text conversation as you desire to.


The Bottom Line

The three means in this overview work in different ways to export message messages from her iPhone: MobiMover help you to transfer text messages from iphone to computer system for free and friend can access and review your iphone messages ~ above your computer system easily.iTunes works to back up your iPhone content, consisting of text messages, to her computer. However you cannot accessibility the items in the backup.iMessage syncs messages across your devices but is have not on home windows computers.

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Carry out one of the simple and safe methods to download text messages from iphone to your computer with ease.