Voicemail is as crucial as emails and messages on iphone that might contain some valuable information. It could be the an initial voice recording you have actually of your toddler, the sweet words from her loved ones, or important content because that legal purposes. However, voicemail messages will be deleted instantly from the servers of the phone company after a certain period of time. To stop data loss, the best way is to transfer voicemails from the iphone phone to the computer.

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Currently, there are two alternatives for you to do it - via lasignoralaura.com MobiMover and via the share feature. Of the 2 options, the first one is an ext recommended since it has actually no limitations on the data carry size, data deliver speed, and also system requirements of your iOS devices.

PAGE CONTENT:Option 1. Just how to move Voicemail from iphone phone to computer via lasignoralaura.com MobiMoverOption 2. Exactly how to save Voicemails from iphone phone to computer via Sharing feature (iOS 9 or higher)

Option 1. Exactly how to carry Voicemail from iphone to computer system via lasignoralaura.com MobiMover

lasignoralaura.com MobiMover gives girlfriend a handy, easy, and efficient means to carry voicemail messages from the iphone to the computer. The whole procedure is really simple. All you must do is to install lasignoralaura.com MobiMover on your computer and then attach your iphone phone to the computer. Personal from moving voicemail indigenous the iphone phone to the computer, that has countless other awesome functions that are worth exploring. For instance, with its iOS unlock feature, you can unlock iphone phone or iPad without passcode. Through its video clip download feature, you have the right to download 4k videos from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and also other video-sharing websites.

Now, you deserve to download lasignoralaura.com MobiMover ~ above your pc or Mac and start to deliver voicemail from iphone phone to computer with ease.

Download because that PC Download for Mac 

Step 1. Connect her iPhone to your computer system with a USB cable, madness "Trust" on her iPhone display screen to continue. Run lasignoralaura.com MobiMover and click "Phone come PC" > "Next" top top the screen. 


Step 2. Choose "Voice Mails" to export to your computer. Friend can collection the storage route as you need. Other supported record types room audio, pictures, videos, books, contacts, notes, and also messages. 


Step 3. Now, click the "Transfer" switch to begin the process. You deserve to use MoviMover to export your iPhone data together backups for data safe. 


Option 2. How to conserve Voicemails from iphone to computer via Sharing attribute (iOS 9 or newer)

If you"re utilizing an iOS an equipment that is running iOS 9 or greater version, then you can transfer voicemail via its share feature. To carry out this, you"ll need to collection up intuitive Voicemail ~ above iPhone and then conserve them come the computer system via Messages, Mail, or AirDrop come a Mac.

Step 1. Open the Phone app on her iPhone > Tap top top the Voicemail tab.

Step 2. Choose a voicemail message you desire to save or violin > Tap ~ above the re-superstructure button.

Step 3. From the pop-up menu, pick your desired method to conserve these the voicemail message.



Q 1: deserve to I carry Voicemail from iphone phone to the computer via iTunes?

iTunes should be the very first choice because that iOS individuals to sync data top top iPhone/iPad/iPod to windows computer. It could work fine in syncing photos, music, video, but regarding transfer voicemail, iTunes is not convenient. As soon as you sync your tools with the iTunes, voicemail is conserved to her computer, but they get hidden deep within assorted semi-encrypted databases. Besides, iTunes is a one-way syncing tool, which way that girlfriend cannot deliver data from the computer earlier to iOS devices. 

Q 2: how to conserve voicemails top top iPhone

To accomplish this, you have the right to open the Phone application > Voicemail tab > pick the voicemail you desire to save > re-publishing > pick the method you desire to share. Your choices include but are not restricted to AirDrop, Notes, Mail, Messages, and Voice Memos. After ~ sharing, you can examine it in your Notes, Mail, Messages, or Voice Memos.

Q 3: how to conserve voicemail from iphone to MacBook

There room two alternatives for this purpose: making use of lasignoralaura.com MobiMover or making use of AirDrop. Comprehensive steps to use lasignoralaura.com MobiMover to save voicemail to MacBook, you can refer to the procedures we pointed out in alternative 1. To conserve voicemail via AirDrop, an initial of all, you"ll have to turn on AirDrop on both of your Mac and also iPhone. Then, walk to the Phone app > Voicemail tab > select the voicemail you want to conserve > re-superstructure > pick AirDrop as the means you great to share.

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The Bottom Line

That"s all around our methods on exactly how to transfer voicemail from iphone to computer. By analysis our post, we hope you have actually saved your desired voicemail from iphone phone to computer system successfully. Come ensure your data security, we recommend you to ago up her iPhone data come a computer so that you can accessibility them whenever you need it.