Here"s whatever you need to know about policy changes about American take trip to Cuba. And also remember: also with these brand-new restrictions, deserve to still help you setup a 100% legal pilgrimage to Cuba. Uncover out just how or keep analysis for much more info.

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In September 2020, the Trump administration announced a collection of new Cuba travel restrictions. These donotban take trip to Cuba.

The new restrictions merely state that Americans cannot remain in government-owned many hotels or import Cuban rum and cigars.

As of June 5th, brand-new regulations walk into impact that limit the means Americans deserve to travel come Cuba.

Yes, you can still travel to Cuba legally through a us passport:

You merely cannot travel to Cuba under the “People to People” classification (which was mostly used through guided tour companies and cruise lines). You have the right to still travel to Cuba, 100% legally, under the “Support because that the Cuban People” category.

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What this changes around Cuba travel:

Existing plans will not it is in affected. If girlfriend planned your pilgrimage under the people to world travel category before June 5, your pilgrimage will be grandfathered in (i.e. Your trip is exempted from the new regulations). If friend planned your pilgrimage under the support for the Cuban civilization category, your pilgrimage will no be influenced in any kind of way. Airlines room still flying to Cuba, and it is still 100% legal to take trip there.

The only exception: American cruise ships are no longer able to walk to Cuba as of June 5, 2019. If girlfriend booked a cruise come Cuba for June fifth or later, contact your cruise company.

What this means for the future that Cuba travel:

You can no longer book trips to Cuba under the people to civilization travel category. This will influence your ability to take it guided tour packages and cruises to Cuba, together American cruise ships space no longer able to dock in Cuba. However, you can still take trip under the support for the Cuban people category.

These brand-new laws can be adhered to by even tighter limitations (although that is unlikely to happen for some time, if ever). If also tighter limitations do follow these new laws, however, you’re going to want to have your trip already planned therefore it have the right to be grandfathered in. Don’t miss out on out on seeing Cuba prior to it’s also late.