Travelling v a bottle-fed infant undoubtedly requires packing an ext than friend would when travelling v a breastfed baby. But, there’s no factor you can’t explore the civilization with your small one and also bottle feed them in ~ the exact same time.

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Whether you want to remain overnight in a hotel, or go backpacking across Asia with your baby, you’ll should make sure that you’re fully prepared for your journey. Here’s how…

This is a guest write-up by Jenni Fielding – component of our finest baby take trip advice series

Tips for bottle feeding on the go

In this post we will certainly cover:
Tips for party feeding ~ above the go

1. Choose the right formula

Baby formula come either in powder kind or together a ready-to-drink pre-mixed liquid. Each form has its benefits and you’ll most likely want to pack some of every to usage at various times.

Powdered formula is cheap and relatively light for her luggage as you’re no packing any kind of unnecessary water. Ready-made formula, top top the other hand, is prepared to use immediately and offers the many convenient option.

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2. Select the best water

The high quality of tap water varies from country to country and it might not be for sure to drink, even when boiled, therefore be certain to check before you go.

Using bottled water is an option, however some bottled water has too much salt (sodium) or sulphate for babies. Check the brand to make sure that the sodium is much less than 200mg every litre and the salt is less than 250mg every litre. If the labels room in one more language, look out for a bottle through a picture of a infant on it for the most safe bet.

3. Pack enough formula for her trip

It’s no a good idea to switch your baby to a various brand the formula whilst she away as it deserve to upset your stomach.

Don’t rely on gift able to uncover the brand the formula the your infant is used to, particularly if you’re travelling to one more country or her baby has actually dairy-free formula. It’s way to pack an ext than girlfriend think you’ll need.

4. Put as lot as you deserve to in your carry on bag

Lost luggage happens an ext frequently the we’d all like and some item are hard to change in a hurry. By packing her bottles, formula and other tools in a carry on bag, you deserve to be certain that it won’t go astray during your flight.

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The finest products for party feeding whilst travelling

Here are some of the things to take into consideration buying because that a vacation v a bottle-fed baby. You more than likely won’t require everything, yet it’s good to think about it all and decide what’s essential for you and also your baby.


Babies have the right to be fussy when it concerns the party they like, so it’s probably ideal to stick through the party you generally use in ~ home. Single-use disposable baby bottles room an option, but they have the right to be expensive and they take it up a lot of of room if you’re away for much more than a pair of days.

Bottle liners

Some civilization like to use pre-sterilized disposable party liners whilst travel so that bottles don’t have to be sterilized. However, you will do it still need to sterilize the party teat, so these are limited in how advantageous they are.


Taking a mix of powder formula and ready-to-feed formula can be the best means to ensure the you constantly have milk ready when you need it, there is no weighing yourself down v luggage.

Formula dispensers

Baby milk powder dispensers are ideal for travel. You measure the end the formula prior to you head the end each day and also then you can just tip it right into the water. Girlfriend can likewise store these inside the bottles if you select the same brand.

Bottle warmer

A take trip bottle warmer is a heat flask i m sorry keeps water warm so that you can use the to warmth your baby’s bottle. It additionally comes v a container that you placed the party in, along with the warm water.

Bottle brush

A bottle brush is a must-have to be able to clean bottles thoroughly. This travel bottle brush comes with a situation which doubles as a handy drying rack.

Dishwashing detergent

Don’t forget to fill a travel-sized bottle of dishwashing detergent. Otherwise, you will do it probably finish up purchase a full-sized party while you’re away and also then tossing most of it before the return journey.

Sterilizing bucket and tablets

There are countless ways to sterilize bottles, v electric vapor sterilizers and also microwave sterilizers gift the most well-known methods to use in the home. However, on vacation, you could find it easier to switch to a cold water sterilizing bucket. You simply pop the bottles and nipples into the bucket with cold water and some sterilizing tablets and you can be sure that everything is germ-free.


Even if girlfriend love her baby bag, friend may find that it’s less complicated to switch to a backpack because that travelling. When you have a stroller in one hand and also a suitcase in the other, put on a backpack is just easier than a shoulder bag. Be sure to pick one with lots of pockets so the you can uncover things in a hurry.

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How numerous bottles should you load whilst travelling?

You should load as numerous bottles as your baby supplies in 24 hours, plus one or two spares. If you execute your washing and sterilizing in the night or overnight, you’ll constantly have sufficient bottles because that the following day.

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Can girlfriend take infant milk on one airplane?

Whilst liquids end 100ml no usually allowed past protection in the airport, exceptions are produced baby milk and also water for infants. Plane staff space within their rights to ask you to taste any baby milk the they deem to be suspicious, yet in reality, they rarely do.

Baby Leonie enjoy it a party feed v Dad on she holidays

How to clean infant bottles whilst travelling

Use your hotel room sink come rinse and wash the party with hot soapy water and a bottle brush.Pop the clean bottles into a sterilizing bucket. Include cold water and also a sterilizing tablet and usage the one-of-a-kind lid come sink lock under the water.Wait at least 30 minutes. Friend may uncover it easier to leaving the party overnight.Wash your hands. Remove the party from the water and also assemble v the teats and also lids.Be certain to readjust the water in the bucket once per day.

Do bottles must be sterilized?

In the USA, the CDC recommends that infant feeding items space sanitized till babies space three month old. However, in various other countries, such together the UK, sterilization is recommended for all babies under 12 months.

Whether to sterilize whilst travelling is a personal decision, and you have to think around whether you typically sterilize at home, wherein in the people you’re going to, and also whether your kid is usually healthy or not.

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How to warm baby party by travelling

Before you begin planning for exactly how to heat baby milk ~ above the go, think about whether you actually need to. If did you do it never offered your infant room-temperature milk, you can be surprised to uncover that they like it and also that there’s no require to warm bottles at all!

If your baby is adamant that they require the milk to be warm, as numerous babies do, then you have actually several options:

Boil water in her hotel room

It’s important to check that her accommodation has actually a kettle. If it doesn’t, you should pack a take trip kettle so that you can accessibility the boiling water to warm the party of milk and additionally to consist of powdered child formula.

Request a jug of hot water

If you in a coffee shop or restaurant, it’s generally pretty easy to inquiry some warm water to warm your infant milk in. Of course, babies don’t constantly time your hunger come fit around your coffee break, so you could not always rely on this.

Pack a take trip bottle warmer

A take trip bottle warmer is basically a flask which you can fill with hot water and also a container to put the bottle in while that heats.

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No excuse not to travel since of bottle feeding, you just need to it is in well-prepared // photo Credit domoyega via CanvaPro


Having a bottle-fed infant shouldn’t placed you turn off seeing the world. It’s perfectly possible to take virtually any sort of vacation with your baby and also to feeding them top top the go. Just make sure that you have actually all the equipment that friend need, and a setup of activity that consists of getting warm water, clean bottles and whether to sterilize castle or not.