Let me guess: friend recently got a tattoo, diligently complied with the ideal tattoo aftercare, and just noticed the your tattoo is now peeling. Wtf. If this is your first time obtaining a tattoo, the many stages that the healing process can send you straight to the internet, frantically looking for explanations regarding why your tattoo"s peeling. But lemme assure you—peeling is commonly normal. Usually.

Still, if friend accidentally zoned out throughout the aftercare instructions given to girlfriend by her tattoo artist and need a short refresher, here"s a recap the what you must expect (and much more importantly, what you shouldn"t), what to avoid, and what you can do to help your new ink cure correctly. Ahead, tattoo artist Joanna "JoJo"Roman the Chronic Ink and Skin Dip beauty, beauty on whatever you should know around peeling tattoos.

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Does a peeling tattoo average it’s healing?

Yup, that"s exactly what that means—and a small peeling is completely normal. Roman inn lists three points you deserve to expect together the skin heals: a little flakiness, itchiness, and scabbing. Return the tattoo shouldn’t be overly scabbed or as well dry (the less peeling and scabbing, the better), a small bit is just part of the heal process.

But wait! What wake up if her tattoo doesn"t peel? Is that a authorize that something has gone awry?! follow to Roman, minimal or no peeling have the right to be typical reactions, too, and also whether or not you peel mainly depends ~ above the applications of your tattoo and also how you care for that afterward.

When does a tattoo start peeling?


For the first pair of days, your skin will feel raw and tender since the damaged skin is still an extremely fresh. Yet after a couple of days, it must start come tighten up and also dry out, and roughly 2 or three days from the applications is when you’ll begin to view this peeling process begin. Cue the itchiness, flakiness, and also scabbing.

Is it typical for a tattoo to peel after ~ 3 days?

According to Roman, how much damages is ~ above the skin will certainly determine exactly how long the healing process of a tattoo lasts. "If you obtain a full-color tattoo, obviously, that’s walking to take a small bit much longer to heal than something that would certainly be a fine-line tattoo," roman explains. "So the fine heat tattoo, you can see the starts to cure within a week. Yet for other that has actually a lot an ext ink deposited in the skin, you can expect about two or two and a half weeks for it come heal." If the peeling, flaking, or scabbing continues after two and also a half weeks, that"s a pretty great indication that something"s no normal, and it"s time come consult your tattoo artist.

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Do tattoos fade after lock peel?

If your tattoo is used properly and also everything walk smoothly throughout the healing process, climate you shouldn"t see much fading. One exception: Fine-line tattoos. Roman points the end that because of the nature that fine-line tattoos, they can need a touch-up (most artists sell a complimentary touch-up in ~ a certain time period), yet generally speaking, the far better the healing procedure goes, the more likely the tattoo won"t fade.

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Do you to wash a tattoo as soon as it’s peeling?

Definitely! From day one you need to be washing your tattoo v a fragrance-free cleanser double a day, morning and night, and also letting it air the end to keep it clean and also dry. Simply don"t submerge the in water (like in a bathtub or pool) until it"s entirely healed. It"s absolutely a good idea to likewise avoid saunas or functioning out since sweat can cause moisture to sit on the tattoo, and also as Roman describes it, too much moisture top top the tattoo will cause the pores come open and lead to ink fallout and fading.