How to take an underused, overstuffed cloak closet, and turn it into a entirety pantry.

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Ahhh, ultimately the weather is warming up, spring feels choose it’s just approximately the corner, Valentine’s day is this week, and also my thoughts turn to…


Does it speak something around me that I’d rather have a new closet device than roses or chocolates from mine honey? OK, maybe he could throw in a couple of chocolates come truly do it the perfect gift.


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How to make a Pantry native a cloak Closet

This pantry arranging project is one that ns started quite some time ago, and also finally perfect this week. It’s actually much more of a pantry production project, really. Through storage in our tiny kitchen pretty much maxed out, I chose we essential a pantry an ext than a cluttered coat closet that sat useless many of the time.

Fortunately the cloak closet is just external the kitchen, probably much less of a walk than most world have inside their totality kitchens. (Did I cite ours is tiny?) hopefully my adventure in transforming a cluttered castoff closet into a pantry will inspire you to tackle among your tasks that you’ve been placing off.

The hardest component of this project was cleaning the end the closet first. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you begin pulling stuff the end of a closet, it appears to multiply appropriate there in her hands? I had no idea we had actually so lot junk in that closet! and the irony is we weren’t also using most of it. So the end it went, and we to be left v a nice north closet.

To conserve money, we chose to usage the one shelf that already existed above the apparel rod. Then we simply took down the rod and also put up Closetmaid shelving.

There space a million various closet shelving equipment out there, for this reason I made decision just to go with the simplest to install. I wanted this job done in a weekend. We just hung the upright braces, slotted in the shelf brackets, clicked ~ above the shelves, and also boom. Done. Right here it is in a bit much more detail…

Steps come hanging Closetmaid Shelves:

ClosetMaid shelving is super basic to work-related with. Here’s just how to obtain started.

Mark her vertical lines. Make certain they’re close to plumb (which is the term because that the vertical equivalent of level). You deserve to do this with a carpenter’s lever that has a plumb bubble on one end, or merely tie a washer or a load to a string and mark where the string hangs versus the wall. Additionally mark the holes along the support braces wherein you’ll placed the screws.Drill pilot holes. (I recommend using the studs because that support, yet you can use drywall anchors rather if her studs aren’t in the ideal places. If using anchors, don’t drill pilot holes.)Cut your shelves come the appropriate length. You’ll need a hacksaw or bolt cuttersfor this job, or you deserve to probably have actually the hardware keep salesperson do it for you.That’s it! Now simply stock your shelves.

Pantry organizing Tips:

Space shelves at different intervals, to accommodate various sized boxes and jars.Leave a larger amount of room between the floor and the bottom shelf, for this reason you deserve to put heavier, larger items on the floor.Keep a grocery list at hand, so as soon as you take it the last of something, you can include it best to the list.

Pantry organizing Made Fun!

I wanted my pantry to be multi-functional, so I included a few special touches:

I used some of my daughter’s cute duck ice to create a small pouch because that holding chalk close to the chalkboards.

A command hook holds mine apron, so as soon as I grab offers for cooking, I’ll (hopefully) remember come grab the apron too. I can’t tell girlfriend have numerous shirts I’ve damaged making spaghetti sauce!

I also hung a magnetic clipboard for every the loosened odds and ends that seem to float constantly v my kitchen.

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Finally, i couldn’t was standing the 40-year-old frayed pull-string irradiate switch, so ns upgraded it for complimentary with some jute twine and a tiny mini-whisk I found in my junk drawer. Much cuter!

This was among the easiest, quickest, and most useful DIY jobs I’ve ever done. And now we usage our closet/pantry every day.

Doyou have a junk closet or at least a drawer what that demands a tiny help? phone call me her story!