The most revolutionary product to pertained to the home structure industry in decades.

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Your Armored Closet is custom-sized & can be set up anywhere! even if it is you are in search of a Tornado Shelter, Storm Shelter, for sure Room, or total / Knife Armory we deserve to custom make Armored Closets because that your particular porpose and install it whereby you need it. We have actually installed Armored Closets in bedroom closets, kitchen islands, pantries, bedrooms, garages, guest / pool house, and also more.

The patented Armored Closet has actually door modules that room made completely of 1/4″ steel plate. Walls and ceiling panels room made of 3/16″ steel plate. All stole is powder coated (beige hammered semi gloss finish). We modify every sizes come fit your closet size at no extr expense.

Give united state a call, and also we’ll come out and also measure and give friend a quote.Prices space valid for the Dallas / fort Worth region. Location fee may be applicable because that orders in Oklahoma, eastern Texas and Panhandle regions. Please contact your neighborhood dealer.


Mini shelter

3x3 - 81 inches tall 3 world (plus pets)

regular Price $5,495.00 revenue Price $4,950.00


Mini Max shelter

3x4 - 81 inches tall 4 world (plus pets)

continual Price $6,195.00 revenue Price $5,790.00


Under stairway Armored Closet

3x5 Sloped - 81 inches high 5 civilization (plus pets)

consistent Price $7,490.00 revenue Price $6,990.00


Armored Closet 5

3x5 - 81 inches high 5 civilization (plus pets)

regular Price $6,695.00 revenue Price $6,290.00


Armored Closet 6

3x6 - 81 inches tall 6 world (plus pets)

continual Price $7,190.00 revenue Price $6,790.00

Armored Closet 8

4x6 - 81 inches tall 8 people (plus pets)

continuous Price $7,390.00 revenue Price $6,990.00

We Googled tornado shelters in existing homes and also up come Armored Closet! We confirm them out and also had ours son, who has an emergency management degree, check them out and also finally notified one. They had to bring it native Texas, but it to be worth it!

I cannot thank you enough. This has actually really eased my mind and also I feel much far better knowing I have actually a safe ar to go in the event of a storm. And if, God forbid, there is a storm huge enough to level my house, and also the closet is the just thing left standing…I will take a picture of the closet for you to usage as proof that it lives up come its promise!

David, environment completed! David and also Ben were an excellent and walk a great job with a difficult installation… guns & ammo safe locked away.

We are an extremely pleased about our environment & hope we never need to use. The gentlemen that came were really courteous, knowledgeable, top top time. Mine husband isn’t as skidish as I am around weather, however I am so very thankful the installation to be done for this reason quickly. So lot relief turn off my shoulders & really blessed to have an Armored Closet. Say thanks to you so lot & bless every one of you.

Just want to permit you recognize my safe room looks absolutely perfect ns couldn’t be more pleased v the look of the product and the quality of the materials. The installers were really friendly and also professional they every did an awesome job making sure every little thing fit correctly. Give thanks to you because that helping make this happen before the storm season is upon us.

We are very pleased v the environment of the Armored Closet. The gentlemen that completed the installation to be obviously really competent and extremely mindful in getting the materials into the house and also closet and installing it. Us are very pleased through their workmanship and also the product.

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After the spring tornado simply south that DFW and north of us in Oklahoma City, I uncovered Armored Closet ~ above the Internet. David was able to customize the sanctuary to fit inside the border of my under stairway closet. His an individual attention made the distinction in getting a shelter into the room I needed. They take an excellent pride in your work!

Keep Your family Safe

The patented Armored Closet is made completely of steel and is totally modular to be customized come the space available inside your home. Keep your household safe and inside v an in-home tornado shelter and also safe room custom mounted for your needs and specifications.