I’ve recently had a few men asking me some questions, wanting to learn some tips on exactly how to kiss a girl in a way that arouses her and makes you come across as smooth. And I’m an extremely happy come oblige.

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Let’s challenge it, kissing is important. A an excellent kiss have the right to leave her feeling weak in the knees, but a negative kiss? A bad kiss can mark the beginning of an end.

The an initial kiss is an especially important minute if girlfriend are just starting out date a woman. It normally signifies come both of you that you have actually something special between you, something precious pursuing. What deserve to you perform to ensure the every kiss is perfect?

Follow these an easy guidelines and tips that I have laid out for you.

Always Make sure To Freshen up

Bad breath is the archenemy of kissing. It’s, by far, the easiest method to damage a good kiss. Do yourself and also your kissing partner a favor and skip the garlic bread in ~ dinner. Freshen your breath through mints or gum before things start to acquire spicy. 

Read her body language

Is she leaning towards you?

Is she poignant you frequently?

What about her eyes?

Is she preserving eye contact, staring in ~ you flirtatiously?

All of this gestures are great indicators the your kiss will be reciprocated.

When it concerns the perfect kiss, timing is everything. Don’t rush it. You want it to it is in as natural as possible. 

Start the end slow

Kissing need to feel prefer a marathon, NOT a sprint. Unless you’re ~ above a movie set, you probably don’t desire to attempt a forceful, passionate kiss initially.

Start out slowly. Lean right into the kiss and also as you feeling her lips press right into yours, slowly pull away ever before so slightly. If she’s enjoy it it, she’ll lean earlier into you and also a natural, passionate rhythm will certainly ensue.

Use your hands

No, not there! Don’t gain ahead the yourself.

Use your hands to frame the kiss. Touch the sides of her face, tenderness sweeping she hair behind her ear. Allow one hand softly stroke the earlier of her neck if you proceed kissing her passionately.

Is she kissing you back with simply as much desire?

If so, move your hand from her face and also slowly reach for her waist, tenderness pulling she closer in the direction of you.

Tame your tongue

Great! You’ve reached an important moment. Every little thing is going just as planned and your tongue wants to sign up with in ~ above the action. Be careful!

A perfect kiss deserve to be damaged the 2nd it turns into a not so perfect French kiss.

One important rule to mental is that French kisses have to be balanced, with both of your tongues same involved.

Lick her lips subtly and keep them slightly parted. Gently check out her tongue v yours, providing her sufficient time to do the same.

The tongue is extended with numerous nerve endings, so don’t be surprised if she shivers v pleasure.

How come Kiss a Girl and also TURN she ON

Knowing how to kiss girls effectively is a very important ability to have and also master if you desire to have to ability to get to sex quickly on the first date.

One the the biggest reasons and causes the men acquiring rejected and failing v women when trying come escalate v women physically is that men don’t have actually NO IDEA what they space doing or if they do, they sirloin everything and also makes kissing girls come across as awkward and also unnatural.

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Follow these an easy tips the I have actually laid the end for girlfriend here and you’ll it is in seducing the females you desire into bed rather quickly and consistently. 

– Malcolm Thomas

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