If you desire to find out where to kiss a girl to revolve her on therefore she wants to have actually sex through you, climate look no more than this post.

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Below, I’ll describe exactly exactly how you have the right to go from simple kissing to obtaining a girl right into bed with you. And mention where perform girls choose to be kissed and show just how to kiss a girl and make her walk crazy because that you.

So there is no wasting any type of time, let’s gain right into it.

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1 ideal Places whereby To Kiss A Girl To revolve Her ~ above Instantly2 how To Kiss A Girl and also Turn she On appropriate Away

Best places Where to Kiss A Girl To rotate Her ~ above Instantly

By now you should currently know that there are a the majority of erogenous zones on a woman’s body. And also if you know what to do and also are a decent kisser, you can use lock to quickly turn a mrs on with your kisses.

By erogenous zones, I’m not simply talking around the main three: Breasts, Ass and also Groin. I’m talking around pretty lot a woman’s entire body!

To give you a much better idea of all the sensitive places, here’s a list of the best body parts to kiss a girl:

Neck and also the nape that the neckEars and also earlobesForeheadNeckline and also collarboneLips (duh!)Sides and ribsStomachForearm and wristHipsBack and lower backInner and also outer thighsFeet (yes, some ladies really enjoy this)

As you have the right to see, nearly every significant part of a girl’s body is an extremely sensitive come sensual kissing. And also you can drive several women crazy and turn them on very quickly if you know which places to kiss first.

But where perform girls like to be kissed most of all? I’ll answer this just below.

Where carry out girls prefer to be kissed the most?

Unsurprisingly, pretty much anywhere and everywhere. That all counts on the each details girl’s tastes and also preferences. Since each girl is a unique individual v her very own likes and dislikes when it involves physical contact.

But that’s a huge non-answer, am ns right? so I’ll be a little more specific.

Some the the finest body parts to kiss a girl space her neck and neckline, along with her ears and also earlobes.

That’s since pretty lot all ladies respond an extremely powerfully to these sensitive areas being kissed both gently and passionately. Because they contain a massive amount that hypersensitive nerve endings. Even the slightest touch can collection a woman off ideal away and make she horny and wet virtually instantly. Noted she’s currently attracted come you.

Also, a woman’s neck and also ears room usually uncovered, uneven you’re both standing exterior in cold weather. Which means that you have the right to use these fragile spots to easily get she in the mood.


In fact, I’ve dated thousands of women in my 10 year of actively studying pickup and also seduction, and this is my absolute favorite place where to kiss a girl to get mood because that sex. Due to the fact that it works exceptionally well.

I speak a lot more about the in my post on How to Arouse A Woman v Touch

And now that I’ve displayed you whereby to kiss a girl to revolve her on… permit me also show girlfriend some other favorite ar to it is in kissed that women enjoy greatly. And show you exactly how to kiss a girl and also turn she on.

How to Kiss A Girl and Turn her On best Away

First the all, be dominant when you kiss a girl. Both on her lips and also on she body.

Don’t be fear to pull her right into you forcefully however still tenderness so as not to actually hurt her. Do the motion firm and also fluid and also not jerky or uncomfortable.

Then, placed your lips to great use and also kiss she passionately ~ above the lips. If you’re act so, make certain your hands are part of the procedure and have them on her head and also face.

I don’t actually mean you must grab her face. Ns simply median to host her challenge firmly in her hands if you’re kissing her. That all has to do v being dominant and also controling the circulation of the action. Every one of this renders the kiss much an ext effective and also passionate and puts her additional in the mood for sex.

After your makeout, go v your lips to her neck and also neckline. Don’t start sucking ~ above the (so as not to give her a hickey!) and also instead, start off by gently brushing her lips on she neckline. Then, kiss her everywhere her neckline gently and ramp up the intensity.

Afterwards, execute the very same to her right ear and earlobe. By beginning off at sight gentle and also even utilizing the guideline of your tongue a tiny bit. That will offer her enormous goosebumps. Then go for she left side.


By now, she must be fairly turned on and in the mood for something much more intimate.

You deserve to start gift much much more dominant v your hands… Massaging her back and the ago of her head and also pulling her also further right into you and also into one more makeout.

Eventually, you have the right to start taking off she clothes and kissing several of the body parts I mention in the perform above.

How come kiss a woman’s chest

It’s not surprising that most women reap it as soon as you gently kiss their breasts. I said most since believe that or not, no every single woman enjoys having her breasts kissed, as difficult as it is come believe.

Even I’ve ran into multiple women who feel practically no satisfied from having actually their breasts fondled or kissed. For this reason I recognize perfectly fine what I’m talking about.

But let’s skip this unfortunate women and also talk about the other majority of women who actually enjoy this plot greatly.

Here’s how to kiss a woman’s breast the appropriate way:

The cheat is to focus mostly ~ above the nipple and also the areola of the breast. Since these space the most sensitive areas.

No matter how sensitive the various other parts of the chest are, the areola and the nipple is always going to be significantly an ext sensitive and turn females on much an ext than the other parts.


To obtain the ideal effect and also get her in the mood quickly, fondle she nipple with your tounge. Go about it tenderness at first, and also then rise the pressure and the rate of her tongue gradually. If she’s right into it, you deserve to even shot biting is ever-so-slightly, and sucking on that so girlfriend apply much more pressure to the area. Simply don’t actually bite it together it will really ache the girl.

You have the right to basically play around with the nipple the exact same as girlfriend would v a girl’s clitoris. You know, prefer trailing the letter of the alphabet v your tongue, walking in circles, and also other similar things.

Then, go execute the same to her other breast nipple. And for bonus points, use your totally free hand to continue fondling her various other breast and also flicking her nipple gently however firmly. This drives most women crazy and also quickly turns them on.

Some final thoughts

Now the you recognize the answer come “Where perform girls prefer to be kissed” and additionally understand wherein to kiss a girl to revolve her on, I’ll leave you v another huge secret.

When you’re kissing a woman’s breasts, rememeber that each woman’s nipples room unique, as with their clitoris. Some women’s nipples will call for a lot of pressure from her lips and tongue to journey them crazy v pleasure. While you’ll impact others’ nipples with also the slightest touch. For this reason test and also see what works best for your certain partner.

The exact same thing goes for most of the various other body components if I’m gift honest, but not come the very same degree. By the I average some women will certainly react really positive when you kiss a specific body part, such as her forearm, hips, external thigh or feet. While other’s won’t feel any pleasure at all.

The suggest is to EXPERIMENT AS lot AS possible to see what your lover enjoys the most.

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Again, remember that each woman’s body is unique and responds differently to miscellaneous stimuli. For this reason play around with every other’s bodies until you find the best and most sensitive spots. Then your lovemaking will certainly be significantly far better as a whole.