Ladies, you’d be rather surprised by what males want girl to perform while kissing them. Yes, there space so numerous variations friend can add to your level ol’ kissing! inspect out these 11 kissing tips because that the motions of her lips to ensure your following makeout session turns hot!

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How come Kiss A man To do Him want You More

Whether she a novice or a pro, these seductive and also useful advice to kiss a man are definitely gonna help you to make your guy go crazy.

1. The kissing triangle

The cheat is to kiss his lips, relocate down come his neck and also then go earlier to kissing his lips. It’s the kissing triangle the you must definitely try as it is one of the types of kisses men like.

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2. Kiss his jawline

Start v tracing her lips under his jawline. It’s a super sexy motion that the is totally waiting for!


3. A little foot business

While points are obtaining hot and also heavy up there, why have to it be cold and also dry down there, right? trace his leg v your foot so the he deserve to just lightly feeling it and get turn on! This is the ideal example for how to touch a guy while kissing.

4. Readjust your position

Don’t let him be on peak all the time. He will get tired of the eventually. So shake things up a little, and also climb on height of him when you begin making out!


5. Suck it up a bit

No, we room not being mean! What we’re saying is that it’s time girlfriend suck top top his lips just a little bit. Take it his lip in her mouth, relocate your tongue over it ever before so lightly and also then let that go. He will certainly be questioning for much more in no time!

6. Consisting of his finger!

While we are talking around sucking, ever tried that with his finger? This is something you can do in the center of a hot kissing sesh. Take it his finger, placed it in your mouth and also then let it the end in a sexy way! Easy and also effective! If that puts his finger in her mouth again climate it is just one of the indicators a man is rotate on while kissing.


7. Nibble a bit

Very lightly, the course! practically the method a rabbit would certainly nibble on a carrot. Lips room a sensitive component of his body so don’t go and bite it off yet just a little biting and nibbling deserve to be rather fun!

8. Use your tongue

Unless you and also your companion have discussed the consumption of tongue, it can be fairly a shocker to usage it while kissing. But, if you use the right amount that tongue, it have the right to actually it is in a pleasant surprised instead!


9. Pay attention to the reduced lip

The lower lip is definitely much more erogenous 보다 the upper lip for this reason don’t overlook it! Take part time to placed your entire focus top top it. To trust us, you won’t remorse it!

10. Save the hand going!

Don’t let your hands be idle. You must be well aware of just how to organize your friend while kissing. Use them! run them with his hair, pull him a small closer, move them up and also down his eight or chest. He demands that type of foreplay too!

11. 2 words – speed variation!

Keep transforming things! If you are going slow and also steady then kick it up a notch and also go fast and also then come ago to slow. Men love this sort of unpredictability!

12. Rein your Tongue

Never begin a kiss while making use of your tongue rather introduce it later on when it’s time. Likewise keeping your tongue in regulate will give you the finest experience. What friend should maintain is come strike a balance between keeping your tongue as well stiff or also sloppy.

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13. Don’t miss The Nape & The Back

While concentrating on his lips don’t neglect the various other parts that his human body which crave her love. So where do guys like to be kissed? girlfriend can quickly turn ~ above your male by kissing his nape and back. Start with the nape and go every the method down his back. The is going come love it!

14. Pat While Adjusting your Height

Pushing her body up and also down passionately when kissing increases the excited exponentially. So make sure that you was standing on your toes when kissing that and change your height appropriately to have a smooth kiss. 


15. Grab His Thighs

While both that you space busy feeling each others’ lips, slide her hand from his earlier to every the means to his thighs to feeling them. Slide her hands up and also down ~ above his thighs or simply grab castle tightly, an alert what that likes far better and continue with it.

So currently when you recognize everything about how and also where come kiss a guy to rotate him on, make her foreplay an ext interesting. XOXO