Cheryl Simmons is a freelance writer and also the owner of a house flooring keep with years of sector experience.

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Cheryl Simmons

Fringing is a common and somewhat above finishing therapy for area rugs. In hand-knotted rugs, the fringe is necessary, together it is the edge of the “backbone” yarn of the rug. ~ above machine-made rugs, however, fringe is only for appearance and also serves no useful purpose. Fringing is usually an ext expensive 보다 either binding or serging.

While many human being enjoy the look of one area rug with fringe, over there are numerous others who discover it to it is in a nuisance.

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It renders the rug difficult to vacuum, for example, as the ends get sucked right into the vacuum and also tangled. The fringe is also easily stained or soiled and usually complicated to clean.