Want to spend $1,000 on an elegant area rug?Me either.But what about making your own area rug? You obtain to make it her own and also save money at the exact same time. Luckily, do your own area rug the end of remnants have the right to be an easy and inexpensive.Just collection aside a rainy today for arts and crafts, and you’ll have a rug before the storm ends. Let’s start:

Why would you want to make an area rug out of remnants?

There are numerous benefits come making one area rug the end of remnants, however here’s a few:cheap way to develop an area rugfun interior design projectgood DIY task for mom earth: save the remnant out of the landfillyou have spare carpet you desire to discover a great use for–sell it in ~ a garage sale!you love a piece of carpet remnant and want to turn it into a rugYou can probably come up with many other good ideas, however these were just a few off the height of mine head. Currently let’s dive into what materials you’ll need.

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For this job you will certainly need:Carpet RemnantsBinding piece (click here to buy)Corrugated cardboard (used together a cutting “board”)Carpet Knife (or razor to cut through the carpet)Hot adhesive Gun (inexpensive and also preferably through multiple tips – favor this one)Carpet Binding Stapler (optional)
Simple! exactly how to do an Area Rug out of Carpet RemnantsCaptain’s tip! If girlfriend buy the carpet binding above, note that it comes in 5ft lengths. To find how lot you need, measure up and include up all 4 edges of your rug. Then, division this number by 5. Round up whatever number you gain to the nearest number (eg if you get 3.2 round it up to 4. This is the “quantity” you need to order. If this is confusing, permit me know in the comment below.

Step 1: choose your carpet remnant(s)

If you pertained to this page because you already have remnants you want to use, feel complimentary to skip to action #2.But if friend don’t have your remnants yet, it do not do it be too complicated to discover them. You can read more about remnants here, but basically, they room “scraps” that carpet. This have the right to mean pieces through a small defect, or an ext commonly, simply leftover piece after one old job.Carpet installation practically always leaves leftover pieces due to the fact that of the method seams and patterns need to be matched. This method someone else’s rubbish is her gain.The best means to discover the remnants is to either walk to a local store that carries remnants (you can call around), or call local installers. They almost always have actually spare piece they’re willing to offer (or even give) you.The design options are endless. You probably have actually something in mind, yet you may gain inspired as soon as you view what’s available. There really aren’t any type of “technical” involves here. In various other words, any kind of remnants will job-related with me if you favor the look.

Step 2: Trim the edges of the remnant

Most carpet remnants will have scraggly edges wherein the underside or towel are hanging loose. Before you tie the edges of the carpet into a smooth rug edge these will have to be reduced off.The very first thing friend will have to do below is laying the remnant out level on a hard, smooth surface that you room not worried about cutting with a knife. In this step, you deserve to lay the end the corrugated cardboard and also that will protect your floor native scratches.Once the remnant is flat, usage the straightedge to note the size of your rug. After ~ you measure up the dimensions, use your carpet knife to cut away the extra carpeting and any jagged or frayed ends.

Step 3: bind the carpet

DIY rug-makers usually perform this action in one of two ways. A carpet binding ice is the most famous option, specifically for master who do not very own a carpet stapler. I’ll walk over both:Carpet binding tape directions (option 1: if you don’t have actually a binding stapler)In this step, you’ll use binding tape come “seal” the edge of the carpet remnants. The binding ice I choose is this one. It functions well, stop up, is simple to use, and also comes in 22 colors.Here’s exactly how to usage it:If it’s not already, make a clean reduced on the binding tape to begin with a straight edge. Then, peel earlier the adhesive paper.Start in the middle of among the edges of the rug. Stick the adhesive to the bottom the the rug v the fabric section as close come the rug as possible.The binding ice cream will extend past the corner. To wrap it approximately the corner, cut the tape only (not the towel section!) that the binding tape at the finish of the rug.Next, you have the right to now curly the binding tape roughly the corner. Placed the stick next under the rug like prior to (it will overlap the tape of the various other edge slightly at the corner).Now, you can go down the following side of the rug till you get to a edge again, and you’ll repeat this process.Once you’ve made a complete circle, cut the end of the binding ice to enhance up as flush as possible with the beginning piece.Use the warm glue total to produce a bead of glue to affix the 2 ends.Next, usage a fine reminder nozzle that the hot glue total to place a thin layer of glue in between the cloth component of the binding tape and the carpet remnant. Organize the to together for a couple of seconds to let it collection as girlfriend go under the remnant.Finished! let me understand if girlfriend have any kind of questions in the comments below.Carpet leaf Binding Stapler (option 2: if you have a binding stapler)If you have actually or setup to have actually a binding stapler for her area rug, this step will look an extremely different. Normally your tool v come through instructions, and also I assume most civilization on this short article don’t have access to a binding stapler (or if lock do, they already know just how to usage it–if this no the case, let me know). I’d have to lug in someone else because that these instructions since I’ve personally only done alternative 1 above.

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Captain’s parting words!

The finished product is a simple, fun, and also inexpensive way to gain an area rug for her home. When firm comes over to excellent your brand-new floors, feel free to brag around how friend made it v your own hands. And also then if castle really favor it, feel totally free to do another and also sell it come them.Any questions on making a rug the end of carpet? permit me understand in the comments below.