Is the sound on your TV poor? possibly you can"t listen the dialogue an extremely clearly? learn the best equalizer settings for her TV & other methods to boost the sound.

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If I had to name the most usual issue through televisions that ns hear regularly, climate it have to be this; “how carry out I fix the sound of conversation on my TV?”.

Many world are delighted v the picture on a modern-day flat-screen TV. But, when it involves the sound, the can frequently be a disappointing experience.

Now, there are several sound-related things that human being complain around when it concerns their TVs. It’s not loud enough. There’s not enough bass. Movie don’t sound amazing enough.

But the most common complaint appears to it is in – “I can’t hear the talking properly”.

If that’s the case, the most usual solution is to turn up the TV volume… and also then the music and sound impacts are too loud!

And so, the cycle begins.

Can’t hear the talking – revolve it up. Music is too loud – rotate it down. Can’t hear the talking…

So, if you desire to enhance the sound the your television – specifically for the conversation – what room the best TV sound settings? And, if the doesn’t work, what other options do you have?

Well, here are some ideas that you can try.

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What Is TV Dialogue?

In situation you aren’t sure. The dialogue on a TV soundtrack describes the voices. The things world say.

In many cases, this is the most important component of a TV present or movie. The course, for things choose music videos, climate the music is an ext important.

But because that the majority of movies, documentaries, dramas, present affairs etc. – the most important facet is the speech.

So, if friend can’t hear the dialogue very clearly, then you’re not going to get much enjoyment from your show.

Why does the dialogue on mine TV Sound so Bad?

One point you should recognize is the there might be several reasons why the dialogue in a TV present isn’t clear on her TV.

These can range from:

There is too much music and sound effects at the same time together the talkingThe civilization talking just don’t speak an extremely clearlyThe speakers on your TV aren’t very goodThe location of your TV can block the sound from the speakersThe acoustics in her room could highlight or muffle some frequencies more than others

This is just one of the factors why it can be tough to have actually a solitary solution to this problem.

Your issue might just be one of those things. But it might additionally be a mix of every one of them. That’s a tricky difficulty to solve.

If your problem is simply that the actors just aren’t speaking plainly enough, then there’s not lot you have the right to do around that – conserve from contacting the culprits on social media and also asking lock to try a little bit harder!

However, for most of the various other issues, there room a couple of things the you can shot to make points better.

And, if the conversation is clearer, then the actor’s performance could work far better for you too.

Some options will just involve tweaking a couple of settings on your TV sound menu. Others can require you to invest some money.

Either way, you should discover a systems to her problem.

How to adjust Your TV Sound Settings

The very first thing to try is to adjust some choices in her TV sound settings menu. It have the right to be a quick and easy method to boost the sound of your TV speakers. And, it’s free!

I newly went to my parent’s home for a couple of days, and also guess what was among the very first things ns heard as soon as I arrived?

“Oh, by the way, watching ours TV is yes, really annoying. Us can’t hear a word anyone is saying. Is over there anything you can do about it?”.

See, that’s the problem with to run a blog around home theatre technology, her friends and also family suppose you to have actually all the answers to their technological problems. It’s a burden, mine friends, a disastrous burden.

Anyway, sufficient of mine problems, what did i do about it? Well, grabbed the far control and dived into the sound settings menu.

Now, mine parents currently have a Samsung LED TV indigenous a year or two back. Uneven you have the same TV, climate the opportunities are the you won’t have the exact same audio options.

However, many TVs this days have comparable audio settings, so you will certainly probably have actually something very comparable on your television.

Although over there are frequently several different choices in the audio setups for your TV, few of them aren’t something to execute with transforming what friend hear. So, you require to number out which people are crucial for transforming the sound output.

I would say there are three wide areas to look out for:

Sound ModesCompressionEqualization

In various TV brands, these will be called various things – and also they might be spread approximately the menu in different places – but these space the general things you must be looking for.

The key thing you must think around before you start playing approximately is, what are you trying come achieve?

Do you want to make the conversation clearer? Or, do you simply want to do the sound a little bit bigger and an ext exciting?

Your finish goal will recognize which are the ideal settings to change.

Also, you might only require to readjust just among these settings – or you could tweak castle all. It depends on what gives you the result that girlfriend want.

1. Just how to change Your TV Sound Mode

Sound modes are presets that the manufacturer gives to quickly readjust what friend hear.

They might not always be referred to as sound modes – yet there will certainly be a ar of different presets.

The default is usually called Standard (or something similar) – i m sorry is a balanced setting with tiny EQ or effects. The rest have actually names prefer Sports, Movies, Ambience, clean Voice and Music.


It connects via Bluetooth 5.0, for this reason you can pair this with your TV – as lengthy as her TV supports Bluetooth.

It is a 2.0 stereotype soundbar that doesn’t come with a subwoofer. However, the does have dual bass harbor to boost the low-end performance.

This soundbar will also connect via digital optical, stereo RCA analog and also 3.5mm mini-jack – for this reason you have the an option of connecting this to her TV v a cable if you prefer.

Something prefer this Bluetooth soundbar speaker is a fairly cheap and also simple means to get better sound from her TV. And, there room plenty of various other Bluetooth speakers around that you might use.

If friend prefer, friend should likewise be maybe to affix to a pair that Bluetooth headphones instead.

On some TVs, you can need come pair the Bluetooth machine first, prior to it appears as an available device in the sound output menu.

The advantages of using Bluetooth speaker for her TV sound are:

it need to sound better than the TVs very own speakersyou might currently own a suitable Bluetooth speakerno messy cables to run from the TV

However, there are additionally some defect to utilizing this method:

there might be a hold-up between the sound and snapshot on the screenthe Bluetooth link can fall out and also you have to reconnect them againthe sound quality might not be as an excellent as a hi-fi system, wired soundbar or AV receiver

As with all this technology, you must decide i m sorry is the ideal solution for her situation.

Can I affix Bluetooth Speakers and also Headphones if my TV Doesn’t support Bluetooth?

As I have just explained, some TV models have built-in support for connecting Bluetooth speakers.

But, also if her TV has integrated Bluetooth, it may not have to be able to affix to exterior speakers and also headphones.

And, plenty of TVs don’t have Bluetooth in ~ all.

So, go that average that you can not use external Bluetooth devices to enhance the sound of her TV?

No, the doesn’t.

You deserve to buy a Bluetooth transmitter the will get the sound from your TV and also then transmit the audio to associated Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

A great example is the Avantree Oasis to add Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter:

The Oasis add to is a totally featured transmitter that you can connect to her TV via optical, 3.5mm mini-jack or stereo RCA out.

Then, you simply need come pair your Bluetooth headphones, soundbar or speaker to obtain the audio from your TV.

In fact, this model will calculation to two headphones – or a headphone and speaker – in ~ the exact same time. That can also act as a receiver so the you can send audio from your Bluetooth mobile an equipment to a speaker system.

It supports Bluetooth aptX short Latency audio which will protect against lip-syncing problems in between the sound and also picture. Simply be conscious that your Bluetooth device will have to support aptX LL for this to work.

If not, then you will acquire a slight hold-up between sound and picture. Yet the delay is little and so might not be a difficulty for everybody.

This transmitter likewise supports Bluetooth aptX HD audio because that the audiophiles out there.

There are several cheaper Bluetooth transmitters the you can buy 보다 this one. However, castle will have actually some constraints on the connection species and sustained audio formats.

As always, to buy the product that ideal suits your needs.

2. Connect Your TV to your Hi-Fi Speakers

If friend really want to acquire the best sound from her TV, then you require to think about connecting it come a better sound system.

There are a few ways of act this – and I mention some others below – yet one that the easiest and cheapest ways is to send the sound to your existing hi-fi system.

Of course, if friend don’t currently own a hi-fi system, then it’s not so cheap and easy. But, if friend do, it’s a an excellent way to improve the sound of her TV.

There are a couple of ways to approach this, but the key thing to check is if the amplifier for your hi-fi have the right to accept exterior audio sources.

If the does, climate you have the right to either:

use the audio calculation on your TV to send audio into your amplifierconnect the audio outputs that your exterior TV sources – favor a DVD player or cable TV crate – straight into the amp

Or, if your amplifier has more than one input, you could want to usage a combination of the two.

If you space connecting an external maker like a Blu-ray player then the connection process will watch something like this:

Most decent hi-fi amps will have connections ~ above the behind for connecting CD players and also other sound sources. Lock will typically be analog stereotype RCA connections.

Even better, is if your amplifier has actually a coaxial or optical digital audio input. This is because the audio calculation on many TVs these days is one of two people digital coaxial or optical.

In the case, you can make a basic connection v one cable – indigenous the TV to the amplifier.

If her TV has a digital output, and also your amplifier only has actually an analog input, then you will must buy one optical to analog stereo audio converter box, prefer the one here:

These aren’t too expensive and also will allow you to attach a digital audio output into an analog audio input.

Once you have actually all this connected, you will certainly hear the sound from your TV over her hi-fi speakers. Much better!

Just be afflicted with in mental that some compact hi-fi systems might not have any kind of inputs for accepting audio from exterior devices.

By the way, don’t forget to rotate down the volume of your TV speakers. Friend don’t desire the sound comes from two various places.

Some TVs provide you an choice to disable the speakers in the sound menu.

You will likewise need to collection the TV audio output menu to PCM or LPCM. This will make sure that the TV sends a stereo audio signal come the converter box.

If you want some an ext detail on every this, take a look in ~ my overview to using stereo receivers in your home theater.

3. Attach Your TV to a Soundbar System

Another alternative for getting far better sound from her TV is come buy a soundbar.

Soundbars space compact units v a built-in amplifier and also speakers.

I touch on this earlier with the TaoTronics Bluetooth speaker. But, there is a big range that soundbars at various price points.

All you must do is connect the audio output from her TV right into the soundbar – and also you will get a lot better-balanced sound in your room. Larger too!

Many soundbars will get the audio from your TV via one optical or HDMI ARC connection. Before you to buy a soundbar, make sure you examine that your TV has actually the correct audio calculation options.

Some higher-end soundbars likewise have lot of audio inputs. This can allow you to connect a gamings console or Blu-ray player directly into the soundbar.

Picking up the allude from earlier, if you space trying to boost the dialogue from your TV, climate you can buy soundbars the have committed center speakers.

Many soundbars space stereo only. This is generally fine and will create a stereo sound lot like the stereotype speakers on her TV – other than with much better quality, that course.

However, if you desire to boost dialogue, then a soundbar v a center speaker need to give an ext separation come the sound that you hear in the room.

For example, the famous Sonos Beam pictured above has a facility channel speaker built into the unit.

To gain the full benefit of the center channel, you must send a Dolby Digital multichannel soundtrack to the soundbar from your source. You might need to allow this in the audio output food selection of the resource device.

Some soundbars may have actually processing like the virtual surround sound I pointed out earlier. This can produce a multichannel suffer from a stereotype soundtrack.

This will certainly make certain the dialogue remains centered while the music and also effects play native the left and also right speakers.

If the soundbar support Dolby Surround, then even better. This Dolby processing mode works really well for converting stereotype to multichannel.

Some soundbar systems even come v subwoofers and committed rear surround speakers.

If you desire to know an ext about this, I have a full guide come the ideal soundbars for your TV. Ns give much more detailed purchase advice and also a couple of suggestions for the best brands to buy.

4. Connect Your TV come a Surround Sound System

Last, however not least, we have a full surround sound system.

If girlfriend really desire the finest sound endure in your room, climate you deserve to install a surround sound device that will certainly knock her socks off.

You have actually the choice of purchase an all-in-one residence theater mechanism – i beg your pardon comes v the amplifier and also speakers every in one finish package.

Or, if you room feeling yes, really brave, you have the right to buy one AV recipient (which is the amplifier) and also a different package that surround sound speakers.

There’s no right or wrong method to go here.

Buying separate contents will generally give friend the best sound quality. And enable you to update individual parts of your mechanism in the future.

An all-in-one system will regularly be cheaper and also easier come install. Yet you may need to replace the totality system if you desire something much better in the future.

For every these options, you have cheaper budget choices and high-end audiophile systems. The choice is yours.

Whichever method you go, the main advantage of a speaker system with committed surround sound speaker is girlfriend get more control end the sound.

5.1 soundtracks will certainly play together intended – without the should downmix them to stereo. And, stereotype soundtracks deserve to be upmixed to surround sound too. These deserve to sound excellent and will give you a much far better audio experience.

You additionally have a devoted center speak which gives you full regulate over the conversation level. Since it has so lot separation from the various other speakers, girlfriend will find it much much easier to hear the dialogue in any type of show.

However, if not, you can easily raise the volume the the center channel so the it is a little bit louder 보다 the left and right speakers.

If you’re not certain that you desire a full surround sound mechanism with every those speakers about your room, you execute have another option.

You can buy an AV receiver and just affix it to her front left, center and front right speakers. This is well-known as a 3.0 speaker system.

You obtain the advantages of a specialized center speaker, but less hardware to download in your room.

Of course, you deserve to also add a subwoofer come this and also run a 3.1 system too.

If you desire to know more about all this, I have actually a couple of detailed travel guide on every one of these options. So, relying on which kind of device you want to build, examine out the adhering to guides:

And, if that seems all little too complicated, take a look at my overview to connecting speaker to her TV in 5 basic steps.


If you room having troubles hearing the conversation on her TV, you are not alone. It’s a very common issue with many people.

There are several factors why this is the case, however one the the main problems is the it’s really hard to acquire a great full sound from TV speakers.

The speaker on a contemporary flat-screen tv are constantly going to battle to obtain the sound that the snapshot deserves.

The flat design means there merely isn’t any type of room for speakers of a kind size and quality. Unfortunately, it’s a simple fact that larger speakers will certainly sound far better (of course, some large speakers sound better than others too!).

You require to be able to drive some air to gain a well-balanced sound – and tiny TV speakers simply aren’t as much as the job.

However, it’s no all negative news. If you really want to improve the sound of her TV, climate you have actually several ways to carry out it.

And, if tweaking the sound choices in your TV menu doesn’t obtain what friend want, then you have several great ways to update to a better sound experience.

Frequently inquiry Questions

If you space still searching for answers on exactly how to boost your TV’s sound, these faqs cover some much more common issues.

There isn’t any means of turning down simply the lift music ~ above a TV show. If the music is also loud because that the dialogue, get in your TV audio settings and select a sound mode that highlights the voices. Other options are utilizing the auto gain setup to compress the audio output or the equalizer to boost the voice frequencies.

The best means to enhance your TV’s sound is to affix it to some outside speakers together these will constantly sound much better than the integrated speakers in her television. You deserve to use a soundbar, a stereo hi-fi amplifier, or an AV receiver if you desire surround sound.

It is typical for elevator music to show up louder 보다 the conversation on a TV display or movie. One factor is that the tiny TV speakers can’t reproduce the audio an extremely well. Many contemporary TV shows have audio soundtracks designed to it is in heard ~ above soundbars or bigger speaker systems, and it is complicated to create a soundtrack that works on both large and little speakers. The solution is to use your TV audio menu settings to an increase the dialogue’s key frequencies or connect your TV come a better speaker system.

In many cases, a soundbar will boost the clarity of conversation on a TV due to the fact that it will reproduce the sound much better than your TV speakers. However, there are plenty of reasons why the talking can be hard to hear, and so some shows may be better than others. If friend buy a soundbar to enhance the speaking, look for a design with a center speaker as this can assist make the talk clearer.

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There are several means you can try to boost the sound from her TV if you are hearing impaired. Making use of the TV’s audio settings to compress or equalize the sound output deserve to help. And, connecting the TV’s audio output to a soundbar or speaker system deserve to make things even better. Finally, you could connect the TV audio to wired or wireless headphones, which can significantly help if somebody cannot hear an extremely well.