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Just leased 2018 Rogue and also am trying come be sure the AEB device is truly working. The indicator irradiate is on (on the dash) yet when ns attempted an emergency stop, there to be no audible alerts. Take it it back to service dept. In ~ the dealer and they room clueless. Any type of help, proposal or advice?
Hi Jwohanka.If the light continues to be on, you may have the FEB system set to OFF. Check under car information display.Keep in mind the will work-related on speeds over 3 miles per hour.If you have actually it turned ON, and also the indicator is quiet lit, you need to take it to the dealer. The is not functioning correctly.When the is working correctly, the indicator comes on in ~ ignition and also then transforms off. You will certainly hear beeps, and you can see a flashing indicator top top your vehicle info display. That is really noticeable.
Yeah i don"t believe that the indicator light need to remain on ~ you initially start the vehicle. Here"s a video clip overview of just how the system works and also how to engage/disengage it.
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