Help configuring device settings, using OS attributes such as display screen mirroring, adjusting display type and audio settings, using Guest Mode, and also assistance with software updates.

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Hi there,Thanks because that the note! You deserve to disable the audio guide attribute by either pushing the * an essential four times quickly on her remote, or from in ~ the alternatives in Settings>Accessibility>Audio Guide.Thanks,Tanner

Hi there,Thanks for the note! You have the right to disable the audio guide feature by either pressing the * key four times conveniently on your remote, or from in ~ the alternatives in Settings>Accessibility>Audio Guide.Thanks,Tanner

I have tried that however did no work. Every time ns go ~ above the alphabet channel the audio description is on during the play back of the display I want to clock on both the newer stick and also older puck. For this reason is this a or abc channel problem?

It"s an abc problem. It"s playing an audio track that has the narrative. You can try pressing the * switch on your remote and also see if there"s a an option of audio tracks. If there"s only one, contact ABC and let lock know. neighborhood Streaming ExpertHelp others find this answer and click "Accept as Solution."If you evaluate my answer, maybe provide me a Kudo.I am not a employee.
My tv is narrating what’s happening ~ above Netflix and it’s no “audio guide” just how do I rotate it off audio guide is currently off
That"s not the audio guide. You"ve selected the second audio monitor from the video clip that"s playing. It"s designed for vision impaired users. I don"t use Netflix any longer, so ns can"t say how you adjust the track gift used. Yet it need to be an choice while it"s playing. ar Streaming ExpertHelp others find this answer and also click "Accept as Solution."If you appreciate my answer, maybe provide me a Kudo.I am not a employee, just an additional user.

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Starting yesterday, started talking as for a VISION IMPAIRED PERSON. I obviously touched a button to change to VISION IMPARED IN ERROR. Walk anyone know how to take it this off?
I solved it. I googled, exactly how TO stop from TALKING. It was an extremely simple. Measures are HOME, SETTINGS, ACCESSIBILITY, AUDIO GUIDE, select AUDIO OFF.
I cannot shut the Audio guide off! ns went through the proposal on here and also I have actually made certain it"s disabled (I even turned that on then off hoping it would certainly help, yet it"s still talking). I have actually pressed the * key the 4 times simply in case yet I quiet can"t shut it off? ns don"t know exactly how it even came on, however it"s driving me crazy! What else have the right to I try?
When an altering tv channels " have actually spectrum " every time i change to a new channel there is a digital voive telling me around the channel ns selected? how do i revolve this off?
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