We work to accomplish the digital accessibility requirements that the Americans v Disabilities action (ADA) and the 21st Century communications and video clip Accessibility action (CVAA). To encourage accessibility, we have taken the adhering to actions: 

We maintain and also provide access features in ours products. We have adopted the net Content accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) variation 2.1 Level AA together our website accessibility goal because that content produced by our organization or detailed for our website by third-party developers.Please note that lasignoralaura.com strives to ensure our ease of access features occupational correctly with contemporary browsers and also assistive technology. Due to the fact that Microsoft web Explorer and Microsoft edge (versions prior to 87) carry out not support the present technical standards and are no longer being sustained or updated by Microsoft, us strongly introduce using another browser if you room using assistive technology. Us recommend remaining up to day with the latest variation of your internet browser by enabling automatic to update in your internet browser of choice. We recommend number of screen-reader + browser combinations including:JAWS / Google Chrome (Windows)JAWS / Microsoft Edge version 87 or greater (Windows)NVDA / Mozilla Firefox (Windows)Talkback / Google Chrome (Android)VoiceOver / Safari (macOS and also iOS)Other browsers and also assistive modern technology software may work, at least in part, with our website, however you may not have the ideal user experience if you decide to use other combinations.We have actually initiated inner corporate cultivate on product and web accessibility.We have actually hired professionals in web access to command audits and user testing, screen our website, and assist us construct a setup to ensure our digital offerings meet best practices in accessibility.We will certainly continually evaluation our products and website with finest practices in accessibility.

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We welcome feedback on how to improve the ease of access of our site and our assets for all users. For product support, you re welcome visit the contact Us page on support.lasignoralaura.com.

If you suffer trouble accessing any kind of information on ours website, please call us by either of the adhering to methods:Email: Accessibility
lasignoralaura.com.Phone: 877-698-4746

Accessibility menu choices on your lasignoralaura.com SmartCast TV.


Step 1.

rotate on your TV and also select the Menu button on her remote. Once the sidebar menu shows up on her screen, role down and also select Accessibility.


scroll down and select each feature to enable, disable, or customize it.

Captions: permit closed captions, to screen the message version of the audio.

Video Description: allow English audio narration of crucial visual elements (available for choose content).

Talk Back: permit text-to-speech for any TV setups changes.

Speech Rate: readjust text-to-speech pacing to slow, normal, or fast.

Zoom Mode: Magnify the TV display image to 200%.

Enable availability featureswith voice.

Press the microphone button and also say the following commands:“Enable (or Disable) talk Back”“Enable (or Disable) Zoom”“Turn top top (or Disable) closed Captions””Enable (or Disable) Subtitles”(Only obtainable on remotes with a microphone button)

Enable closeup of the door captionswith CC button.

Press the CC switch to permit Closed Captions. Press the CC button again to disable it. A an alert displays on the TV once Closed Captions is allowed or disabled.

Enable ease of access menuwith CC button.

Hold down the CC switch for 5 seconds to display the access menu and readjust the settings.

Enable talk backwith PIC button.

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Hold under the PIC button for 5 secs to enable Text-to-Speech. Host down the PIC switch again for 5 secs to disable it. A notification displays on the TV as soon as talk earlier is enabled or disabled. (Only easily accessible on remotes v a PIC button)


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