Whether you just want to do a prank contact to her friend or ring a human being who has actually been preventing you, this can be accomplished by hiding your Phone Number or Caller identifier from showing up on the receivers phone. You will find listed below the steps to Hide call number or Hide Caller identifier on Android Phone.

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Hide Caller identifier On Android Phone

Most Android phones have an in-built alternative to Hide Caller ID and you should be able to prevent her Phone Number from showing up on the receivers call by disabling Caller identifier in the Settings display of her Android Phone.

However, you must be mindful that specific Carriers block this feature and may charge a fees for giving you with the choice to Hide Caller ID. Also, Phones locked to carrier may have actually their own method of setting up Caller identifier blocking.

Another allude worth note is that you won’t be able hide her Caller ID once you speak to Toll free numbers (1800) and also emergency number (911). Your Phone Number will certainly be displayed when you contact 911 or 1800 numbers, even if you have actually setup Caller ID blocking on your Android Phone.

Steps to Hide Caller identifier On Android Phone

Follow the steps listed below to Hide Caller id on Android Phone.

1. Tap ~ above the Phone app on her Android Phone.

2. Next, tap on an ext (in situation of Samsung Phone) or 3-dots icon (in case of share Android Phones).


3. From the menu that appears, tap ~ above Settings.


4. On the following screen, role down and also tap on an ext Settings option.

5. On the an ext Settings screen, madness on show My caller ID


6. top top the pop-up the appears, tap ~ above Hide Number option and also then tap on Cancel to come out of the Caller id Menu.


Once you complete these steps, your phone number will certainly not be visible on the recipient’s phone, it will appear as ‘Private’.

Before making any kind of calls it is recommended that you check whether the Caller id block is working by call your various other number or call someone that you trust.

Temporarily Hide Caller i would on Android Phone

In case you want to Hide Caller i would for specific calls, you can do therefore by utilizing *67 and also #31# which works in north America and also 141 which functions in united Kingdom.

1. discover the short-term Caller identifier disabling code for her area.

As discussed above, password *67 and also #31# occupational with countless cell phones in phibìc America, while 141 works in united Kingdom and Ireland.

2. make a speak to from your Android phone by prefixing the Caller id disabling code for her area. For example you will be dialing *67AAA 555-5555 or #31#AAA-555-5555 in situation you room trying to contact the number AAA-555-5555.

In case the Caller i would disabling password works, the person at the other finish won’t be able check out your call number. Together usual, very first verify and also make certain that codes space working on your Android Phone prior to making calls.

Disadvantages of turning Off Caller ID

While hiding Caller id may aid you defend your identity and also give girlfriend a feeling of protection while taking care of unknown people, there are specific disadvantages of hiding Caller ID that you need to be mindful of.

1. Users who room annoyed with anonymous callers may have setup their phone ~ above “Auto reject” because that calls from anonymous numbers.

You might be can not to contact such civilization as her calls displaying ‘Private’ will most most likely be rejected. Also, the party that you room trying to reach will certainly not be notified around your calls.


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you may need to pay a dues to use Caller ID prevent in instance your Android phone call is locked to a carrier.