Turn on your VIZIO clever tv and press CC switch on your remote regulate to rotate off closeup of the door Captions top top VIZIO clever tv.

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If friend cant uncover CC switch on her vizio tv far -> navigate come cc closed subtitle option -> just turn off from there.

On your VIZIO clever tv you can turn turn off captions easily and get rid of CC or captioning by pushing CC switch on VIZIO smart tv remote control and turn off captions and if CC switch to rotate off caption on her remote is not obtainable (present) you deserve to use arrow keys and navigate come closed captions making use of arrows and also turn off closed captions (CC) settings and also turn turn off narrators.

How to revolve OFF Captions on VIZIO smart TV


Turn turn off Captions ~ above VIZIO tv there is no CC Button

Step 1: Press the Menu switch on her remote control.

Step 2: Highlight closeup of the door captions -> push ok ~ above VIZIO tv remote.

Step 3: Using arrowhead keys left and also right arrows, you deserve to turn off captions ~ above VIZIO clever tv.

That’s it, this is just how you rotate off captions top top VIZIO tv. Once you rotate off closed CAPTIONs then CC will stop displaying narratives.

Turn turn off Closed Captions top top VIZIO i m sorry is linked to HDMI?

If your VIZIO smart tv is connected to HDMI climate you need to turn turn off captions top top VIZIO tv by source.

Step 1: press menu switch on your remote that came up through your far box.

Step 2: check with setup box and see if CC is turn off.

Mostly if her closed captions are controlled by source if they are associated with HDMI or any other device.

VIZIO tv Closed caption Greyed out?

If your VIZIO tv close up door captions space greyed the end then you need to close applications which space running in elevator and shot again.

Can’t discover CC switch on her remote?

CC switch (closed captions) button on her remote come with original VIZIO smart tv once you buy. You can acquire same original remote contacting VIZIO assistance officials. If CC button is not current then the remote is not original.

How to rotate off closeup of the door Captions ~ above VIZIO clever TV?

Press CC button on her VIZIO smart tv to turn off captions and if her remote doesn’t have CC switch then press house button and highlight closeup of the door Captions and also turn off Closed Captions.

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