Here is the step-by-step guide to stop Google from tracking your ar while using devices like Android, iOS, computers, and also laptops.

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Google is a widely used cross-platform web browser used around the world. It has actually been ported to android, iOS,macOS together a default browser. That tracks every the data searched or areas traveled by the user. The ar tracker is always on whether you are using Google maps or want to inspect a ar on her social media platform. However through this tracking, you room being tracked on your every move. This not just consumes your data and battery but also tracks your ar history. Some well-known browsers favor Google rely completely on your location to provide the relevant details you need.

Here are the procedures to stop place tracking top top Google chrome, Google, Android and iOS:

Google Chrome :

Go come this Google chrome food selection icon and click on the settings.Now scroll down and click on Show progressed settings.In the content settings, there will be a pop-up.Now again, scroll down to the location section and also click on" Don’t permit any site to track your physical location.


Go to the settings pageClick top top the pause button in the “Places you have been” brick on the right.Click on control history, come delete separation, personal, instance entries indigenous a ar history.If you want to delete the history of a particular day, pick a day from the calendar.Then click Delete all history for this day.If you desire to delete all history, click the ‘Delete all history’ option.


Open the settings alternative on her android phone.Now tap on ar reporting and also tap Off.Now search for the location history option and also click the turn off option.You can also tap top top the “Delete ar history” switch below.

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On her iPhone, open up the setups button and go to the privacy option.For privacy options, click on-location services.The first option would be to turn the place on or off. You must turn it off to disable the tracking completely.Now scroll under the apps come which friend have given permission to use your location data.Then you have the right to go application by application to disable it.But carry out not disable discover My iPhone/iPad together it will certainly be complicated to find your machine when that is lost.Now again, scroll down to the bottom and also tap device Services.Here you have the right to disable every the choices except cabinet Network find to prevent tracking.Tap on the regular Locations and turn that off.

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