her location can be tracked through your phone’s gps data. General practitioners i.e. An international positioning system can identify where you are, and what time you were in a particular location. It’s an extremely privileged information and it makes sense that customers would have the choice to rotate off general practitioners on your phones. Surprisingly though, girlfriend cannot uncover a GPS setting on most phones, specifically the newer ones. This doesn’t mean you can’t revolve off general practitioners on her phone. Girlfriend can, if you understand were to look.

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GPS has been rebranded on many phones come something that’s much more user friendly, ‘Location’.

Turn Off gps On iPhone

Open the Settings app on your iOS an equipment and go to Privacy>Location. Revolve of Location here to disable general practitioners on your iPhone. This will effect find My Phone.


Turn Off gps On Android

Open the setups app and go to defense & Location. Under Privacy, madness Location. Rotate the ar switch off.


This will successfully disable gps on her phone. If you want to stop any and all ar data gift saved, madness Google place History, and disable it as well. Google Location background saves places you’ve been and also it doesn’t detect lock through general practitioners alone. It additionally detects your place via the WiFi network you connect to for this reason it’s a good idea to disable this service as well.


Side Effects

When you revolve off location services on her phone, many other functions are affected. The noticeable one is the you cannot usage the OS’ ar tracking feature to uncover your phone and you cannot usage live place sharing. Additionally, you additionally will not have the ability to use apps that require your ar to role e.g. Uber or Google Maps.

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On both iOS and also Android, you have actually the choice to selectively enable location for apps. That way you can choose to enable Google Maps accessibility to your location yet block on facebook from doing so. You do need to have ar services permitted and once they are, your gps is gift transmitted. There’s no alternative on one of two people OS come block gps transmission however still allow apps access to her location. It simply isn’t possible.