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madness "Turn turn off Commenting." Jennifer Still/Business Insider

Comments will certainly then be disabled and can it is in re-enabled at any type of time by complying with steps one and two, then tapping "Turn ~ above Commenting."

How come disable comments on Instagram for a short article you"re about to share


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tap the photograph or video you great to share from your phone or tablet"s library, select any type of desired filters, climate tap "Next."

2. top top the caption screen, role down and tap "Advanced settings" at the bottom of the screen.

3. Under the "Comments" header, toggle the "Turn off commenting" bar come on. Girlfriend will recognize comments space disabled as soon as the bar is blue.


Toggle on "Turn turn off commenting." Jennifer Still/Business Insider


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madness the back button at the top left-hand edge of the screen, then post your photograph or video as common by tapping "Share."


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