place tracking have the right to be an extremely handy — the convenient once an application can tell you, say, whereby the close to restaurants or gas stations room — however it’s additionally a privacy issue. Carry out you want all her wanderings registered by Google? space you comfortable learning that note Zuckerberg’s minions know where you space at every times? (Well, not that note Zuckerberg has minions, however you know what ns mean.)

In this article, we’ll take a look at at just how to stop place tracking on your Android phone and how to delete your location background from your OS and also from few of the much more popular apps. Together always, keep in mind that version of Android deserve to differ, and also many manufacturers usage overlays as well, i m sorry can change the places of various commands — however they should be comparable enough because that you to have the ability to find your way. For these instructions, I’ve supplied a Pixel phone to run Android 10.

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Stop Google from tracking you, period.

You probably understand that Google deserve to track her location and also movements with its Google Maps app. Yet you may not realize the your Android phone call is additionally tracking your motions and activities through number of other integrated apps.

If you really don’t desire your call to it is in tracking any of your movements and also activities, over there is a method to rotate tracking off for all (well, most) of them. You just need to be aware that you’re more than likely going to render many of your apps (such as ride-share apps, weather apps, and, of course, mapping apps) less usable — or in some cases, completely unusable.

Stop Google tracking using a browser

Select “Activity Controls,” found in the left-hand menu. Scroll down with the various activities and choose any you’d favor to revolve off.

Google’s activity controls allow you rotate off tracking. This may take a while, especially if you want to perform some research into what you will do it be affecting. Activities listed that would expose your location encompass “Web & app Activity” (which consist of anything you’ve done on Google apps and services) and also “Location History” (where you’ve gone v your device). You’ll more than likely want to inspect off “Include audio recordings,” which is under “Web & application Activity.”

As long as she here, girlfriend can also delete “Device Information” (info about contacts, calendars, etc.), “YouTube History” (which includes both her search and watch history), and also “Ad personalization” (which supplies your history to choose which ads you will do it see).

You’ve prevented any more data from gift gathered. But now you might want to delete all or some of the info that’s already been collected.

Go back to the My task page and also click top top “Delete task by” in the left-hand menu. You’ll acquire a pop-up home window that lets you delete your task based ~ above time period: the last hour, last day, “All time” (in various other words, every dates), or “Custom range” because that a certain date range.

A pop-up home window that lets you delete your activity based top top time period. If you pick either “All time” or “Custom range,” you deserve to then filter the info depending on services (such as ads, Chrome, Google pat Store, etc.). As soon as you’re ready, click “Next.”
You deserve to filter your info depending upon services. you will do it then acquire a preview of some of the tasks that will be deleted. If she okay through that, choose “Delete.”
The last step before you delete her activity.

Stop Google tracking on one Android device

Go come Settings. Find “Accounts” and also tap on your Google email account. If there’s more than one account listed, tap on the one you desire to change.Tap ~ above “Google Account.”Scroll down to “Manage her data & personalization” and also select it.Look under “Activity controls.” Here, just like the web browser version, you can turn off or pause the security of assorted activities.If friend want an ext granular control of your activities, you deserve to scroll down and also select “Manage your activity controls.” You’ll now have access to a page very comparable to the “Activity Controls” webpage.

Turn ar tracking on and also off indigenous the fast Settings tray

If you want to have the ability to turn location tracking top top or off as you need it, you deserve to do that, too. One means to species this is to usage the rapid Settings tray (which is what girlfriend see as soon as you swipe down from the height of her screen). The tray hold a range of symbols for the many often-used Android features; there is a “Location” icon that lets you toggle the location function on and also off.

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Swipe down from the peak of the screen. You have to see a line of symbols for things prefer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flashlight, etc. It is your rapid Settings tray. Look for the Location symbol (usually, it looks favor an upside-down drop of water).Not there? Swipe down from the bottom of that line the icons. You’ll watch a few more. Quiet missing? Look because that a pencil icon; on a Pixel, it will certainly be top top the bottom that the tray, however some Android interfaces will have actually it top top top. Tap on the pencil, and also the menu will open further. You have the right to now check out all the icons that space available. What you desire to carry out is make certain the Location icon is in the quickly visible component of the tray.If her Location icon is in the bottom section, hold and also drag it as much as the clearly shows group.

You’ll now have the ability to quickly swipe down from the optimal of your screen and toggle ar on and also off — because that example, if you desire to usage Google Maps for directions, you can toggle ar on, and also then rotate it back off once you’re finished.