When Apple exit iOS 13 in September 2019, it brought a lot of huge changes come the iphone — and part smaller, subtler ones that you might not notification at an initial glance. Among those adjustments: find My iPhone and Find my Friends have been linked into one app called "Find My." This is an upgrade that is easily accessible in iOS 14 together well.

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If you don"t want to re-superstructure your ar with her friends, you can still rotate off find My girlfriend in iOS 14 and keep discover My iphone turned on.

The discover My iPhone application lets you monitor the last known location of your phone, iPad, and laptop, while discover My Friends permits you to share your place with various other people and also see where they space if they select to share with you. In ahead iOS releases, the functions were situated in two separate apps, for this reason iOS 14 does do it much more convenient come switch in between the two. Still, if friend aren"t comfortable sharing your location with other human being — even if it is you have security and also privacy pertains to or simply don"t desire to — you have the right to keep uncover My iphone on and also disable find My Friends. Here"s what you have to do.

Open The "Find My" App

After you upgrade to iOS 13 or later on versions, the application should present up on your device. If girlfriend can"t uncover it, open up search and kind in "Find My."

When you open the app, you"ll check out a toolbar at the bottom v three icons labeled People, Devices, and also Me.

Tap the Me Icon

Once girlfriend tap the Me icon, you"ll see a "Share mine Location" option. If girlfriend toggle the off, your existing location won"t be visible to the civilization you to be sharing it v previously. They"ll see a "location unavailable" message when they attempt to traction up your location, i m sorry is the same article the application shows if your phone is turn off.

Check iphone phone Settings


After you turn off place sharing, her iPhone it is registered the change in Settings. Come make sure that discover My friends is no longer enabled, open up Settings and also tap her name and snapshot at the an extremely top of the screen. Then, look for the discover My option. You"ll check out that "Share mine Location" is now immediately toggled turn off after making transforms in the find My app, yet Find My iphone is quiet on.

Stop share With specific People

If you desire to protect against sharing your ar with a particular person, girlfriend can likewise make this readjust in the new Find my app. Madness the civilization icon at the bottom that the display in the app, then select the person from the list. From there, tap stop Sharing mine Location, and they"ll now see "Location Unavailable" when they open uncover My and search for her location.

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You can additionally choose to revolve off individual an equipment tracking in the app if friend aren"t interested in using discover My iPhone. But if you want a way to track down your misplaced phone when still keeping your ar private indigenous the people on your contact list, transforming off ar sharing is your ideal bet.