As one alternative, you deserve to select a particular app in her list. Because that Messages, as an example, girlfriend can select who Siri need to announce message from: Favorites, Recents, Contacts, or Everyone.

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If this is a feature you think you could disable and also reenable often, you deserve to put it in your regulate Center and do therefore quickly.

1) walk to Settings and also select Control Center.

2) Under More Controls, tap the plus authorize for Announce Messages through Siri to add it to the top.

Then just swipe to open your regulate Center and also tap the symbol when you want to turn the function off or on.

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Wrapping the up

Again, having Siri announce your incoming messages deserve to be handy. If you’re waiting for a text from your friends or family, climate it’s convenient. But if you arrangement to immerse yourself into that new album or audiobook, you could want to rotate the feature off.

What space your think on the notice Messages with Siri? carry out you gain hearing your message messages check out to you just on occasion or no at all? Let us know listed below or ping us on Twitter!