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If you’ve got a brand-new LG TV, you might have noticed that the photo feels eerily smooth. This effect, i beg your pardon LG call “TruMotion,” tries to make your TV’s snapshot feel smoother but often end up spring strange.

What Is “TruMotion” Anyway?

TruMotion is LG’s implementation of motion smoothing. Motion smoothing works by raising the framerate (the speed at which her TV shows a new picture) of the video clip by inserting extra “fake” frames between each real frame. Most movies and also TV reflects are shot at 24 frames-per-second (FPS), and by guessing what the in-between frames would look like, her TV can bump the framerate up to 48 or 60 FPS. This have the right to make specific fast-paced contents (like sports) watch a lot of better, however ruins the cinematic top quality of movies and also TV mirrors for some people.


While high refreshing rate video is weird looking sufficient on its own, the other issue with activity smoothing is that it’s a fake effect, and often renders the “fake” frames look really blurry. Due to the fact that it needs to guess, it ends up gift slightly off a most the time, which have the right to make the look even worse.

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How to revolve Off TruMotion


You deserve to disable the TruMotion function in your TV’s settings. LG’s settings are a little abnormal though. Your TruMotion tech also manages synced backlight scanning, i beg your pardon syncs the refresh rate with the backlight. They speak you can’t revolve this turn off on any kind of TVs, however you can readjust the motion interpolation, which is the thing that provides TruMotion look weird.

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LG hides the choice under photo Menu > photo Mode settings > snapshot Options. Native there, girlfriend can set different levels because that TruMotion:

Off: probably what girlfriend wantSmooth: uses activity blurClear: doesn’t use movement blurClear Plus: supplies backlight scanning in addition to interpolation

If you have a problem finding the option, it might be under a different section, for this reason it’s finest to consult her TV’s manual, which girlfriend can discover online. Just enter your TV’s design number and, once the web page loads, usage Ctrl+F (or Command+F on Mac) to find for “TruMotion.”

It’s feasible some larger TVs can not even have an choice to rotate it off, in which case you’ll need to buy a brand-new TV if you desire to disable it.

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