The menu

is located in the top-left edge of your screen. Click that to access System Preferences and recently offered apps, documents, and other items.

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About This Mac

View information about your Mac— consisting of your variation of macOS—type that processor, and amount that memory, and optimize storage.

You can likewise see the hand-operated for your Mac and also get organization or repair information.

System Preferences

Open mechanism Preferences to customize numerous of her Mac settings and update macOS.

App Store

Visit the application Store, wherein you’ll find interesting and also fun apps for her Mac, and also updates because that apps, printers, and more.

Open application Store for me


Choose a network location. This option shows up only if you usage multiple network locations.

Recent Items

As you usage apps, files, and also network computer systems (servers), your names are added to this list so girlfriend can accessibility them quickly in the future. Girlfriend can set an choice in general preferences come specify how countless items to display in the list. Pick menu > device Preferences, then click General.

Open basic preferences for me

Force Quit

Choose this option if an application is no responding.

Important: If you force an application to quit, you might lose any type of unsaved changes.


Dim the screen and reduce power intake without transforming off your Mac.


Turn her Mac off briefly, then have actually it automatically turn ~ above again automatically.

Shut Down

Turn your Mac off completely.

Lock Screen

Immediately lock the screen when essential to store your Mac and also information secure. Watch Lock the display screen of her Mac.

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Log Out

Log the end of the present user account without shutting down the Mac. This action is beneficial if you share your Mac with various other users who have their own accounts.

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