When you"re wearing your AirPods or compatible win headphones or steering a car that lasignoralaura.com CarPlay, Siri deserve to announce her incoming messages. Climate you deserve to reply instantly, hands-free.

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You deserve to have Siri announce your incoming message in a car that lasignoralaura.com CarPlay orwith this headphones:

AirPods MaxAirPods (2nd generation)AirPods ProPowerbeatsPowerbeats ProBeats Solo Pro

Your compatible vehicle orheadphonesneedto be paired with among these devices:

iPhone with iOS15iPad v iPadOS15
Open the setups app.Tap Notifications.Tap AnnounceNotifications.
Turn on AnnounceNotifications.

With this feature turned on, Siri reads her incoming messages out loud as soon as your iphone phone is connected to CarPlay, or when your headphones are associated to your iPhone or iPad, you"re put on them, and also your maker is locked. Siri plays a tone, then announces the sender"s name and also reads the message. If a blog post is long, Siri announces the sender"s name and also says just that they sent you a message. You have the right to ask Siri to review the complete message.Or, if you"re no driving, you deserve to read that on her iPhone or iPad.

In settings > Notifications > AnnounceNotifications, you can likewise manage whichmessages Siri reads. Tap Messages, thenselect either Time Sensitive and also Direct message or every Notifications.

If youcustomize Control facility on youriPhone or iPadto include Announce Notifications,you can use Control center to revolve the function on or off quickly.

Wait because that Siri to read the message. Siri climate listens for her reply.Tell Siri you"d favor to reply, climate speak her message. Say something prefer "Reply "I"m on mine way"" or "Tell her "I"ll meet you there."" when you avoid talking, Siri reads your reply back to you and asks if you want to send it.

You deserve to have Siri send your reply immediately, without analysis it back first. Walk to setups > Notifications > AnnounceNotificationsand rotate on reply Without Confirmation.

If you"re receiving multiple message at once, friend can quickly pauseAnnounceNotificationsby taking out one of your AirPods or removing your headphones.

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If you nothing hear Siri announcing her messages, try these steps:

Make certain that her AirPods,yourcompatible to win headphones, or her compatible auto ispaired to your an equipment in settings > Bluetooth.Go to settings > Notifications > announcement Notificationsand make sure Announce Notificationsis turned on. Climate tap Messages and also make certain that AnnounceNotificationsis turned on over there too.Make sure that her iPhone or iPad is locked and its screen is dark. Siri doesn"t announce messages if you"re utilizing your device.