Talking overview (Screen Reader)

The talk Guide, additionally known together the display Reader, is a voice indict feature easily accessible on EXP that will certainly speak the text on your screen. This attribute covers functions such as regime selection, channels, menus, settings, search and much an ext making navigating of on-screen services and functions less complicated for customers v visual disabilities.

Note: after ~ the display Reader is on, you will not have the ability to use Dolby Audio. If your audio is collection to Dolby Audio, the device will instantly bar girlfriend from Dolby.

Accessing the Talking overview from EXP Using her EXP remote control To turn on the talk Guide, organize down the A switch for a minimum of 2 seconds. If you push A for less than 2 seconds, A performs its normal function. If you press A for an ext than 2 secs again, the Talking guide turns off. when Channel up or Down is pressed, the channel and also program details are audible. as soon as the INFO switch is pressed, program information is audible. To quiet the Talking overview temporarily, short-press A. Come disable the Talking overview completely, long-press A.

From the user interface

The display Reader have the right to be turn on/off only through the far control. However, there is messaging in Settings > assist > Troubleshooting > availability > Vision and also Settings > User preferences > display Reader (Talking Guide) that explains how to revolve on/off the display Reader.


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Using her EXP far control To revolve on closeup of the door Captioning, hold down the B button for a minimum that 2 seconds. If you press B for less than 2 seconds, B performs its normal role (which is right now only because that My Shows, Guide, and Search). If you press B for more than 2 secs again, close up door Captioning turns off. From the user interface closed Captioning deserve to be set up in Settings > User choices > closeup of the door Captioning.
To collection from the info banner—Press the INFO switch while you room watching a show. The details banner mr up. Push DOWN to go to the CC tab, and press OK/SELECT to toggle between CC on/off.

over there is aid messaging easily accessible on exactly how to access closed captioning under Settings > assist > Troubleshooting > ease of access > Hearing.

Audio summary The Audio summary feature (also referred to as video clip Description, described Video, or intuitive Description) is the insertion of audio report descriptions that a TV program"s an essential visual elements into organic pauses in the program"s dialog, making video clip programming much more accessible to viewers who space blind or visually impaired. Audio description is available as a secondary audio service (sometimes referred to as a secondary audio regimen or SAP) for selected programs. No all shows have Audio Description, no one is Audio Description consisted of in programming information. The American council of the blind (ACB) website provides a perform of shows and links to network web page that have actually program schedules and show descriptions. When Audio summary is turned on and also a show flagged for Audio summary is played, programming automatically switches native the globally-selected language track (for example, English), come the Audio description track. Your EXP collection top box stays on the Audio description track till you switch back.

Accessing Audio summary from EXP Using your EXP far control

To rotate on the Audio Description, organize down the C switch for a minimum the 2 seconds. If you press C for much less than 2 seconds, C performs its normal function (which is currently only for My Shows, Guide, and Search). If you press C for much more than 2 seconds again, the Audio summary track turns off. Note: occasionally (very rarely) Audio description can it is in broadcasted on a track other than Spanish. In this case, you have to manually cycle through the tracks for Audio Description.

From the user user interface The Audio description can be set up in Settings > Audio & video Settings > Language & Audio description > SAP (Audio summary or Spanish).
Emergency Alert system (EAS)

In an emergency situation, one audible keen is presented to the subscriber with the an additional Audio Programming (SAP) audio track. SAP is an assistant audio channel for analog TV that deserve to be transfer or transmitted both over-the-air and by cable TV. The audio comes from the cable operator or local broadcaster (if watching OTA). NOAA or one more government affiliate will certainly locally carry out the emergency text. The cable operator or local broadcaster sends out this text as metadata come the box, which display screens the blog post as a text crawl. (The cable operator or local broadcaster creates the text-to-speech ~ above the SAP track.)

Accessing the EAS alert native EXP Using your EXP far control as soon as an emergency post crawl shows up on the screen, a series of beeps or tones ~ above the key audio routine occur. The cautions visually-impaired subscribers to switch to the SAP audio track by pressing the C button for more than 2 seconds. Once in the SAP audio track, the regular audio ~ above the SAP track is muted, and the emergency to crawl is presented as an audible crawl the the subscriber can hear, prior to returning come the common SAP audio.

there is no adjust in user suffer for “high level” emergency alerts. In this case, the EAS alert instantly surfaces ~ above the screen and also there is no must press the C button.

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~ the EAS alert, programming resumes automatically.