Have a Genie DVR? usage the DIRECTV Talking guide to hear audio the accompanies her onscreen menus and also guides.

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Starting in ~ the height of the Genie remote, you"ll find 2 rubber buttons ~ above the left and right sides of the remote. This rubber buttons have a slight indentation in the middle. The one ~ above the left is ON; the one top top the appropriate is OFF.Next, you"ll find a row of 3 rubber buttons just below the ON and OFF buttons:The GUIDE button is top top the left. Use it to discover shows the are currently airing. The overview shows what’s on every channel in a net format, with networks as rows and time (in half-hour increments) together columns. Girlfriend can examine out what’s airing now and also up to 14 days native now.The MENU button is in the middle. Usage it to readjust settings and also search because that or browser shows.The LIST switch is ~ above the right. Usage it to discover recorded TV shows and also movies, as well as movie rentals or purchases.Starting ~ above the middle menu button, move your finger right down till you feel a smooth, round button. This is the pick button. Press it as soon as you want to pick something. A directional overcome surrounds the select button. It has actually keys because that up, down, left, and also right. Each vital has a raised triangle denote the direction. The left arrow likewise doubles together a earlier button so you can leave the display screen you’re on and go come the ahead one.With your finger on the left directional arrow, you’ll discover the document button instantly above. Push it once to record a program you’re the town hall or twice to record the whole series.With her finger on the appropriate directional arrow, you’ll uncover a rubber button immediately above and below. The button below the right arrowhead is INFO and also the one above the right arrowhead is EXIT. Press info to get more details around your existing selection. Departure takes you ago to live TV indigenous the display screen you’re on.With her finger earlier on the smooth, round pick button, relocate to the under arrow, and then slightly listed below there. You’ll feel 2 distinctly raised ridges v a void in the middle. The ridge on the left is because that volume, and also the ridge ~ above the ideal is because that channels. The ridges room toggles. Toggle up to increase the volume or channel number, and also toggle down to decrease the volume or channel number. The lower third of the remote has actually rubber buttons top top a number pad arranged like a phone’s keypad. You’ll understand you’ve got the bottom the the remote because there’s a level smooth slope below the last row of rubber buttons.Immediately above the number pad is a heat of 3 buttons. The left switch is come rewind. The center button is to play or stop the program you’re watching.

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The right button is to fast-forward. You can rewind and fast-forward at boosting speeds by pushing up to 4 times.