Turning off Audio summary on LG TV

If you nothing have poor vision, you yes, really don’t a voice assistant to review out the contents on the screen aloud and will find the voice-over on your LG TV irritating. In order to deactivate the LG TV voice assistant, girlfriend will have to navigate to your TV settings and also turn turn off Audio summary found under access settings.

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When friend have gone into the LG TV settings screen, navigate come Accessibility, and select that by pressing the center scroll button.

The voice assistant or guidance on your LG TV will certainly be turn off.

On some LG clever TV models, the voice assistant is discovered as Audio Guidance. The steps to deactivate the voice guidance, however, stay the same.

Press the Gear Icon/Settings button on your remote and go come All setups > Accessibility on your LG clever TV.Click top top Audio Guidance.The toggle button will be greyed out and that way you have properly turned turn off Audio indict on her LG TV.

Turning turn off Google Assistant on LG TV

All LG clever TVs market the integration of Google Assistant and also Alexa under the voice control option. Having set up the voice manage service, friend can regulate your TV utilizing Alexa or Google Assistant commands.

Google Assistant is a really convenient feature. If girlfriend don’t like it, girlfriend can set up Alexa instead. However, if you conference the “Meet her Google Assistant” screen every time you turn on her LG TV, yes sir an easy method to get rid of that.


By default, the “Meet your Google Assistant” screen pops up instantly without pressing the microphone button when the TV is it is provided on. The display offers just a “Continue” button and also that method that over there no option other than to click it and also go v the Google Assistant privacy agreement and accept it. By complying with the actions described listed below you deserve to stop this annoying display screen from appearing.

Below is exactly how you have the right to turn off Google Assistant on your LG smart TV.

Press the Settings button on her remote and also select All Settings from the perform of symbols that pops up.Your TV will certainly reboot to apply the changes and when it turns on again the “Meet your Google Assistant” display won’t stroked nerves you anymore.

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Please keep in mind that the above method will disable the microphone button on the LG far control and also that means you won’t have the ability to use any kind of voice command in ~ all.