This is a typical requirement in today’s world. Us are regularly using smaller tools that can’t affix to a router v a LAN cable, so how have the right to we acquire into a router’s settings and turn it turn off completely, or at least turn turn off the Wi-Fi, indigenous a portable machine like a phone that deserve to only attach wirelessly?

The procedure is actually fairly easy, and can be done via Wi-Fi from any type of device, as lengthy as that is connected to the router’s Wi-Fi network.

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Here space the rapid steps:

Connect the phone to her router’s Wi-FiType her router’s IP resolve into any kind of browser address barIP is regularly, or in the admin/passwordCheck the earlier of the router because that login detailsFind settings to turn off power/wireless/internetYou might need come disable each Wi-Fi tape separately

It have to be discussed that girlfriend cannot constantly turn the router itself totally off from within the setups menus (it varies v each router design what friend can and also cannot perform remotely). However, at the an extremely least, friend should have the ability to disable the Wi-Fi, i beg your pardon is what most users are probably seeking to do once asking this question.

Let’s run through the procedure in step by step kind in an ext detail.

Step #1 – discover Your Router Login Details

The first step is to discover your router login details. If you’ve gained physical accessibility to your router, this is easy; just check for a sticker top top the back which has actually all these login details.

It must look something choose this:


The wireless name/SSID and also password at the height is because that connecting come the router’s Wi-Fi. Perform this if girlfriend haven’t already, together you must be ~ above the router’s network to login to it.

The router login IP/admin/password is what you have to note down, together this is what’s essential to get access to the router setting to change them. If someone’s changed them from these defaults, you’ll have to obtain the details turn off them or perform a full factory reset that the router to regain all login details come the defaults.

If girlfriend haven’t obtained physical accessibility to the router to check the sticker, climate it’s much more tricky, but still usually possible to login. You simply need to do some guesswork or looking online to uncover the default login credentials for your router.

Let’s list some common values you can try:

Router login IP – In the English speaking west world, the default router login is regularly or or much more rarely, it may be or or some close variant. Try typing in this IP addresses right into the browser resolve bar of her phone that is currently associated to the router. If a pair the admin/password boxes pop up, you understand that this at the very least is right.Username/Admin – The default router admin is regularly just admin or administratorPassword – The default router password can sometimes be simply password or password1, yet is frequently something else nowadays for security reasons, like the router serial number. This can frequently be the sticking suggest – you can guess the router login IP and also admin, but can’t guess: v the password. However admin and password (small case) have the right to sometimes work.Sometimes the admin and also password space BOTH ‘admin’ (common) or BOTH ‘password’ (less common), so girlfriend can try this as well.

Here are web links to some typically used login credentials for popular ISPs in the significant English speak countries:

Step #2 – Login To your Router

Once you’ve obtained the login credentials, simply open up any type of browser (Opera, Safari, Firefox etc.) on your phone, and also do the following:

Log in to her router, by typing in it’s IP attend to (eg. or into any browser on her phone, as long as it’s linked to the router Wi-Fi.


Type in the admin and also password in the boxes the pop increase – again will be top top the router somewhere or online.

Step #3 – revolve Off her Router or Wi-Fi

Once you space logged into your router, girlfriend are looking for an alternative to turn off the router, internet access, or Wi-Fi bands, depending on what exactly you are seeking come do. There isn’t a one dimension fits all answer come this, due to the fact that different routers take care of this setup in various ways, yet we’ll run with some broad examples the what you can do from inside the router to disable functionalities.

It will commonly be somewhere in Wireless or Advanced Settings.

Scenario #1 – some routers may allow you to switch the entire an equipment off remotely from within the settings. There might be a strength On/Off toggle move in a menu somewhere, or some other evident option to rotate off the entire router itself. This is less typical though, it has to be said. It’s more likely the you’ll need to turn turn off an yes, really physical move on the router itself, or unplug that from the wall to do this.

Scenario #2 – part routers do have actually an choice to disable net access. Look for an internet On/Off toggle/switch, or a box to uncheck come disable net access. This is again much less common, however remember that this will disable all internet connections, both wired and wireless, on her router. Some routers may likewise have a much more advanced choice to revolve off internet access within a details time home window each day (eg. At night).

Scenario #3 – most routers allow you to disable one or both Wi-Fi bands, or just turn off Wireless altogether in one button/switch/box. This method you can still use the router because that wired LAN/ethernet connections, but not top top Wi-Fi. Again the method this setting is displayed differs between router brands and also models. Some routers have actually a basic Wi-Fi On/Off toggle switch inside the menus the you can flick turn off to disable the Wi-Fi/internet on the router.

Something like this:


Others have boxes come uncheck to rotate all wireless on/off v one switch. In some, you could have to enter the 2.4 GHz and also 5 GHz menus and disable each tape separately.

Something like this:


Dual tape routers may screen the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands separately, and also you deserve to toggle one or both of castle off. Choose this:


Obviously, this go not revolve off the router totally – you’ll have to physically unplug that to do that – however it at least disables the Wi-Fi, which is why many people are possibly seeking to perform this. Plenty of users have health concerns about wireless technology, and may want to disable it in ~ night in ~ least.

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Click on links for Comcast Xfinity, Verizon, AT&T because that the US, and BT and Virgin Media because that the UK on how to revolve off Wi-Fi because that each. As pointed out above, part routers will certainly have double band Wi-Fi signals (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) so it might be important to disable both frequencies to fully disable the Wi-Fi.