Aggravated by autocorrect? Struggling v Slide to Text? Here’s just how to control spelling corrections once you write a text or email.

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Now as soon as you open up a message message and start typing, it will no longer change words that aren’t in the keyboard’s dictionary, such as proper names. Instead of do the efforts to change these words, her phone will merely flag them as feasible misspellings.


If you do make a mistake, you can still request help from her keyboard. Tap on the misspelled word, and also a perform of different spellings and words popular music up. Insanity the correct spelling if you wish to replace the word friend typed. If you’d quite not watch the red present indicating a probably misspelled word, return to the key-board settings screen and also turn turn off the move for check Spelling.


Turn off Predictive Text

Predictive text provides suggestions for your current word and the following word, yet it doesn’t pressure its proposal on you. The predictive feature also displays words you’re inputting in quotes together with its various other suggestions, for this reason you deserve to easily pick that indigenous if it’s correct.


If friend don’t want your phone predicting what you can be about to type, navigate come the keyboard settings screen, and turn turn off the switch next to Predictive. However, we recommend maintaining this attribute on, particularly if friend disable Auto-Correction and also Check Spelling.

Text Replacement

If you decide no to disable Auto-Correction and Check Spelling, you can include words and phrases to your keyboard’s dictionary so castle won’t be flagged. Open to the key-board settings screen and tap Text Replacement, then select the + icon. Now, type the native or expression you want to include into the phrase box. Leave the shortcut box empty and also tap Save. Now when you kind the included text, it will certainly no much longer be flagged together incorrect.


Instead of having actually to kind a certain word or expression every time, friend can produce a shortcut, and it will be immediately converted. Indigenous the key-board settings screen, tap text Replacement and also select the + icon. Form in the phrase, then include the matching shortcut.

For example, friend can include your complete name in the phrase field and use your initials as the shortcut. Once you want your complete name to show up in a message or email, just form the shortcut. To delete a shortcut from the list, swipe it to the left and also tap Delete.


Any conserved words or shortcuts space added across all your Apple tools as long as iCloud syncing is enabled. Girlfriend will discover them available to friend in built-in apps such as Mail, Notes, Reminders, Contacts, and Safari, as well as in third-party apps such as Facebook and also Twitter.

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Voice Recognition

You can often avoid inputting altogether through speaking your words. Make certain the choice Enable Dictation is turn on. At your text message, insanity the microphone icon and then begin speaking. Remember to incorporate punctuation marks together you speak. The voice recognition is relatively accurate, so it should be able to capture most of her words correctly.