Do you desire to make her iPhone speaker a bit louder 보다 it normally is, even when the volume is cranked every the method up? We display you how to do just that!


Now play part loud music on your iPhone when toggling between the Late Night equalizer and also the Off setting in order to hear the difference in volume calculation for yourself.

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Depending on her hearing, you should notification either a subtle or significant difference. Come me, the difference is clear: the Late Night setup makes the iphone phone speaker louder than any type of other EQ preset.

The best thing around this nifty small workaround is that it additionally works even if you hear to music through AirPods or other headphones quite than through the iphone phone earpiece.

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As the name implies, the purpose of this EQ setup is to boost the quiet aspects when watching video clip or playing movies in ~ night. Equalizer settings primarily apply to the songs played through the stock Music app.

They are also carried end to various other apps and also games, including system functions like phone call calls. Store in psychic that some apps, prefer Spotify, might use your own integrated audio equalizer that will override the system’s current equalizer setting.

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I learned about this cool pointer through The Loop’s Dave Mark, who attributed the find to Twitter user

And that’s every there’s to it, gals and boys! If you recognize other methods to make her iPhone speak louder, please feel totally free to share in the comment section!