People on the platform room cutting up their old Ugg boots – which retail for around £160 – and transforming them right into slippers.

Perhaps the weirdest part of that is the Ugg boots are generally worn together slippers anyway… so us don’t fully understand the allude of hacking into the pricey shoe.

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However, some human being say they are upcycling their boots, fairly than throwing lock away.

The trend appears to have started ago in October 2020, when individuals started sharing tutorials on just how to snip the seams ~ above Uggs to remove the overabundance fabric and also to rotate the lined winter shoes into slippers. 

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abbyj420 described in a tutorial the she decided to upcycle her 7-year-old Ugg boots due to the fact that they to be ‘all kinds of jacked up,’ and she didn’t desire to litter them away.


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