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To unblock a number, Phone > More > Settings > Blocked Numbers > madness the X next to the contact you want to unblock > Unblock.Steps may differ on modified version of Android, such as a Samsung device, but should it is in similar.

This short article explains just how to unblock a phone call number on one Android smartphone. Instructions use to Android6 and up.

Unblock a call Number on one Android

Here's how to unblock a number on an Android machine and gain those calls and also text messages back:


generally Asked questions

What happens as soon as you block a number ~ above Android? The human being will not get any notification that you blocked your number. If who calls indigenous a blocked number, the caller will certainly hear one ring prior to going come voicemail. Text messages sent out from a blocked number will certainly not go v to your phone.How can I check out the numbers I've blocked? On Androids, tap the Phone icon > More > Settings > Blocked number to watch a list of blocked numbers.How deserve to I watch messages from blocked numbers? In the upper-right edge of the Android messaging app, madness the menu icon (three vertical dots) > Settings > Blocked messages.

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How have the right to I protect against blocked numbers from leaving voicemails? While there is no Android setup to stop someone from leaving a voicemail, you can contact your wireless carrier and ask them come block a particular number from gaining through.