Instagram seems testing a brand-new feature referred to as Archive It lets you hide your photo posts to view later The hidden write-ups can it is in unhidden or deleted later

Facebook"s picture sharing communication Instagram is incessantly adding new features to its app, whether they are motivated from Snapchat or room its own. The said, Instagram"s obtained a brand-new feature the it"s at this time testing. Dubbed "Archive", it lets users temporary hide their posts from the general public for them to be later on brought ago or permanently deleted.

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Spotted top top iOS ~ above Mondayby Matt Navara, the Archive attribute was evidenced by Instagram to it is in in experimentation for now but due because that a global expansion soon. The Facebook-owned platform toldTechCrunch "We"re always testing brand-new ways to boost the Instagram experience", and included the Archive alternative creates a "private space for an individual viewing of old posts" an Instagram spokesperson was quoted to say that the agency "will broaden the access of the archive option over the next few months as it proceeds to iterate on it." We"re right now only able to check out the Instagram Archive attribute on the beta because that Android.


Photo Credit: Matt Navara/ TechCrunch

Instagram"s Archive attribute gives the user an alternate to deleting unwanted short articles from their profile. So, instead of deleting her embarrassing articles that friend no much longer want people to see, while picking to allow other articles to stay publicly visible, you have the right to hide those articles by just clicking on the Archive alternative in the picture post"s menu. The hidden photos will be obtainable under the Archive section on the top-right edge of her profile tab. You have the right to later unhide them if you readjust your mind, or delete them.

In stimulate to accessibility it, you can go to her profile tab and look because that the opposite-directional "clock" symbol on the top-right corner. If you deserve to see the icon, girlfriend can try hiding any of your short articles by opening them and also then click the menu-action showed by three vertical (on Android) or horizontal (on iOS) dots. Tap on Archive and also the photo article will be hidden. You can head come the archive (clock icon) section and view your covert posts. As we said, you have the right to anytime pick to "Show ~ above Profile" or "Delete" it.

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Photo-sharing application Instagram has actually blatantly aped a multitude of features like stickers, AR filters, and Stories indigenous its rival Snapchat in the past. Instagram"s parent company Facebook also introduced several of these functions on its other apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and also its own Facebook app.