Keep your an individual and necessary photos and videos are covert on your iPhone/ iPad and also iPod touch making use of a built-in hide/ Unhide feature. Apple’s attributes it no too obtainable and mindful most that the users due to the fact that they want password defense on concealed photos. But for soon disappear and collection your privacy ~ above the captured photos immediately on iPhone we must shot this feature. Learn just how to Hide Photos and also Videos on iphone 12 Pro/Max/Mini, 11(Pro Max), iphone phone 8 (Plus), iphone X, iphone 7 (Plus). Below are the measures on unhide/ hide lot of photos and also videos at once in a photo application at once. Also Hide concealed Album native the iphone phone Photos app, boosted in iOS 14 or later iOS version.

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Also, we have actually third-party best apps for hiding pictures and videos under password protection. This other choice iOS users need to keep always. It’s very trusted security from the last countless years and also millions of customers serve in a complimentary or premium subscription.

Steps because that Unhide/ Hide Photos and also Videos on iPhone

Hide Photos and videos on iPhone/iPad from the photos app

1: open the Photos app ~ above the iPhone.

2: Tap top top Photos from in ~ tab in the picture app. Indigenous the peak right corner of the screen, tap on the “Select” option. Pick images the you want to hide.


Unhide covert photos and videos indigenous the iphone photos app

Hide/Show “Hidden” Album ~ above Photos app

iOS 14 or later on iOS and also iPadOS users have the right to use these settings on compatible apologize devices. Under the photos app, we can hide the covert album making use of this iphone phone setting. Monitor the steps listed below to hide the “Hidden” album on the iphone phone Photos app.

That’s it.

The feature of Unhide/ Hide picture and video on the Mac photo app is likewise available. Share your watch on any choices of hiding Photos and Videos on iPhone through the recent iOS.

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