my YouTube account has actually been instantly linked to mine Gmail account, but I desire to store my YouTube account be separate from my Gmail account. I heard that the attribute to unlink accounts to be available. Is it? If yes, just how do I accessibility it?

I have actually tried phwd"s solution and it"s telling me that my account was permanently linked. Is their any means to get about this?



You want this Unlink YouTube and Google Accounts

It is available via Account -> manage Account -> Unlink YouTube and also Google Accounts

However, if friend signed up because that YouTube after ~ May, 2009, girlfriend can"t unlink them.

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According to use your Google Account for Youtube, together of September 8, 2017, users need a Google Account to usage Youtube.

Regarding the old Youtube accounts, those aren"t Google Accounts, the referred over official help article says:

Some older, unused YouTube accounts (created prior to May 2009) might not be component of a Google Account. They need to be included to one before they have the right to be used.

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If you want to readjust the owner that a an individual Channel, you could move it to a Brand Channel. For more details see relocate YouTube channel come Brand Account.


As of 2021 it is feasible to delete the youtube service from your google account

These are the actions to follow:

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