If you’ve been wondering what the sweetheart Key is for, whether or not you should hoard them, and how beneficial they’ll be, save reading!If you’re having actually trouble v the bounties or detect the chests, check out this video guide:

Treasure Keys

Note: few of the info is the video clip is incorrect. Tricks are necessary in level 28, and also you won’t acquire them native the final boss.

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Treasure keys are provided to attain the can be fried loot after ~ finishing any given Prison of Elders run. Obtaining the keys (after your an initial one native the story) is all based upon RNG.

Guaranteed means to attain 1 key:

Complete the just how story objectives (1 per character)

Try her luck:

Ether ChestsSmall chests in the PoE treasure room

“What does that unlock?”

There room multiple chests in the sweetheart room, and also only one needs a Treasure vital to unlock. This ultimate chest will have actually the chance at profitable Exotics, legend Queen gear, Fallen-themed cosmetics, weird Coins, & Motes that Light.

The smaller sized chests, which carry out not require anything to unlock, have actually the opportunity at rewarding Strange Coins, Motes the Light, Planetary materials, & even Treasure keys on occasion.

You deserve to use 1 vital per chest, and there’s just 1 “Treasure key Chest” every run.

Weekly Reset

IGN was able to gain confirmation from Bungie the the chests – also the chest that needs a Treasure vital to open, isn’t on a reset.

If you have keys, you have the right to beat that and accessibility the rewards in the chests. So there is no weekly lockout or noþeles on the chests.

Acquiring the loot from the large chest is only minimal by the Treasure vital – and you’re maybe to lug 5 in her inventory, so you have actually 5+ chances at loot each week – or also each day, relying on how devoted you are!

“So what is the weekly reset for?”

Even though the chests aren’t ~ above a reset, the guaranteed rewards are. The Armor Cores, Weapon Cores, & Etheric Light will drop per once per week, per character, the an initial time you finish that challenge each week.

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Assuming you complete the level 32, 34, and 35 an obstacle mode, you’ll it is in guaranteed a minimum of 1,000 judgment reputation, 2 Armor Cores, 2 Weapon Cores, & 2 Etheric Light. That’s not including the extra loot you’ll undoubtedly obtain from the sweetheart room!

Challenge setting loot is separated every mode, so to get all of it, you’ll have to do each difficulty. Uneven the Weekly Heroic, girlfriend won’t have the ability to do the level 35 to obtain the level 32 & 34 rewards.

Resets for Level 28?

There’s no weekly reset of any kind of kind for the level matchmade 28 mode. However, there’s likewise no opportunity at acquiring endgame (Fallen-themed) gear on this mode.

Your guarantee rewards will certainly be limited to Vanguard Marks/Reputation & one Engram. You’ll additionally be maybe to acquire Queen’s Armaments & have a chance at Exotics native the level 28 sweetheart room.

Queen’s Armaments include Legendary 331/365 and Reforge-Ready weapons, plus a full set of 36/42 legend armor.

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Prison that Elders Guide

For a recap that the activity, our an initial impressions from play it, and what you need to know prior to going in, check out this article.

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