Apple note are among the most used apps by iphone users and also it quite obvious. Top top IOS 14, Apple has actually come means more ahead with their apple notes app including both user experience and design. In this guide, ns am walking to discuss one of the apple notes feature that enables you come pin and also unpin multiple important notes in ~ the top. Moreover, in this guide, we will present you multiple means of pinning and also unpinning notes on apple Notes for iPhone devices.

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Three means to Pin and Unpin Apple notes on iphone phone –

How to pen Apple notes using the Swipe technique –

The many simplest technique to pin apple note on iphone is through swiping the note towards right.

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When friend swipe the note towards the right; you can see a tiny “Pin” alternative that is obtainable when friend swipe completely or partially.

Click on the pen button and that details note is currently pinned ~ above the top.


To unpin the apologize note,

Swipe the pinned note partially or completely,

You can discover a unpin button, click it and also your apple note is no longer pinned in ~ top.

In this way, you have the right to unpin completed jobs or notes the you no longer need to view at the top.

How to pen Notes top top Apple using the Three-Dot menu –

The second method to pin notes is applicable only as soon as you room inside the note you want to pin. This come in handy once you have actually quickly detailed something important and want it on the optimal each time. Additionally, that is the best method and doesn’t call for you come go v all the notes before finding the best one and pinning it.

In this method, after girlfriend have provided down her reminders, tasks, or notes; click the three-dot menu current at the top right-most corner.

You can now discover the pin button; tap it and quickly pin the notes on the top.

Now, the we have completed the tasks and want to unpin the notes; the listed below section explains how to unpin notes utilizing the 2nd method.


Unpin Notes utilizing Three-dot menu –

Once you room done with all her tasks and referring come the notes; you can want to unpin it and also jump to the following note. But, friend don’t need to go back and then swipe the note to unpin it.

The an initial step to unpin the notes is come click the three-dot menu on the best top.

Now, click on “Unpin” button and also quickly unpin the keep in mind from the top.

This likewise avoids coincidentally unpinning various other notes together you are directly unpinning the note when you room inside it.

How to pen Notes using Long-Tap / 3D Touch –

3D touch is one of the amazing attributes of the iPhone; it allows you to have a fast preview of the notes without actually having to open up it.

This attribute can also be supplied to pin notes straight while viewing the preview.

The very first step is to long-tap ~ above the keep in mind from the folder and also get the preview the the Note.

Now, girlfriend can discover the “Pin” alternative at the bottom that enables you to pen the note when you space previewing it.

This is a an excellent feature because, at times, you don’t remember what note you have actually taken down. In together cases, conveniently take a preview utilizing 3D-Touch and also pin the note if the is important.

Along through pinning the notes, you likewise might desire to unpin the after you have actually completed the job/tasks.


To unpin Notes utilizing 3D-Touch, monitor the below steps –

Find the note from the note folder,

Long-tap top top the note and also then friend can uncover the “unpin” button. Click it and also your pinned keep in mind is now unpinned.

This feature is useful when you space checking a preview of tasks you have actually completed. And then conveniently unpin that if your project is done.

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Frequently Asked inquiries –
Can I usage my Apple note online?

You can access your apple notes digital as long as they room synced through your iCloud account.

Can you add reminders in the apologize notes?

No, girlfriend cannot add reminders come apple notes but there is a different app dedicated to the same. The “Reminders” application on Apple permits you to add reminder together with a note.

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Is Apple note good?

Unlike other default apps on iPhone, apple notes is just one of the ideal default apps in comparison to apps favor Apple mail. Additionally, they likewise give much better features in to compare to other third-party notes app.

Apple notes vs Google Keep, i beg your pardon is better?

Both apple notes and Google Keep space functionally great apps. Google keep requires you to open the store website every time on her laptop to accessibility the notes. ~ above the various other hand, If girlfriend are having a MacBook or macintosh, girlfriend can straight sync your notes.