This DIY indict will show you how to frame a builder-grade restroom mirror to add instant character and equity to her bathroom. Including a structure to a builder grade bathroom mirror is straightforward and cost effective way to upgrade the mirror without having to remove it or replace it. This project can be perfect in one weekend and also is extremely budget plan friendly. Every bathroom mirror costs around $20 total!

How to frame A Builder grade toilet mirror: before + after

If you’re anything like the various other 90% of suburbia America living in a builder great house, opportunities are you have a winter in her bathroom that looks something favor this!

While there is technically naught wrong through it, the looks watch unfinished and also certainly lacks any kind of character. It’s evident that a builder simply slapped it up on a wall to save time and also money!

Adding a frame to a builder grade bathroom mirror is straightforward and expense effective method to update the mirror without having actually to eliminate it or change it.

You may also remember that us did this same job in our very first little foreclosure fixer top house. Here is a photo of the bathroom before.

You deserve to read all about it and also see all of the before and also after photos HERE.

And below is the really same bathroom after!

Can you believe this transformation?! Framing the end the bathroom mirror and also painting the vanity white completely adjusted this space!

Materials: What you require to structure a restroom mirror

We’ve watched what a huge impact framing the end a mirror deserve to have top top a bathroom, therefore let’s get in to what girlfriend need and how to easily recreate this job yourself!

We headed out to Lowe’s to pick up the offers to frame our builder class mirrors.

We determined to use primed MDF because that this project because of the lull of use and the short price point.

Now, I know that some world will argue the MDF isn’t a good option because that a bathroom due to the fact that of the potential because that moisture damage.

Our restroom was big and fine ventilated, and also the MDF boards to be going come be fully sealed through paint. As lengthy as moisture and also water cannot pass through the surface ar of the MDF and also you have proper ventilation in your bathroom, MDF is fine!


What girlfriend need:


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We come up v a basic craftsman format layout that connected no miter cuts!

Step One: Measure and cut

Use a tape measure up to measure the width and height of her mirror. I worked my method from the bottom up!

Mark these dimensions on her MDF boards and also use a miter experienced to make her cuts.

Before we glued anything onto the mirror I had actually Hubby organize the board in place to make sure that I liked the method they looked.

Here I have labeled every individual board based upon size so that you can see exactly how we placed them.

The pretty thing around this layout is the there space no miter cuts or angles; only straight cut which provides this project much easier and also faster!

Step two: repaint mdf boards

One the the most vital parts the this job is that you must repaint the backs of the boards as well as the front!

If you execute not repaint the ago of the boards, you will be able to see the brown MDF in the winter reflection. Us learned this the hard means in our old house and had to rip the plank off and start over!

I laid out every one of the plank in ours garage and used a sponge roller to repaint them.

Using a roller particularly designed because that cabinets and trim will certainly ensure the you get a at sight smooth, skilled looking finish!

Step three: glue boards top top mirror

After the repaint has completely dried, use a building and construction adhesive particularly designed for mirrors and bathrooms come adhere the MDF boards straight onto the mirror.

It’s essential to select an adhesive the is specifically made for mirrors and also bathrooms. This building adhesive deserve to withstand the moisture and also humidity in a bathroom.

The other many important part of this job is to keep the adhesive follow me the outer part of the boards.

Just like you deserve to see the enjoy of the ago of the MDF board in the mirror, if you acquire adhesive as well close to the inside edge that the boards girlfriend will have the ability to see the adhesive in the reflection as well.

Choosing an adhesive the is either white or clear can help minimize this problem.

step four: caulk and also touch up paint

After the adhesive completely cures, caulk every one of the seams and also touch up paint as required along the caulk lines.

And that’s it!

Such an easy, quick, and inexpensive job that adds instant character come those boring builder-grade mirrors!

Framing Builder great mirrors: before & After

Here’s a look in ~ the before:

… and also the after!

We framed every builder grade winter in our entire house!

This was among the winter in the boys’ common jack and also Jill bathtub (before caulk and also touch increase paint).

I didn’t execute a great job of getting pictures the this project due to the fact that we were in a time crunch to end up up and get our home ready come sell. This picture is before caulk!

We also framed out the builder grade mirror in the master bathroom.

The mirror frame really brought some lot needed balance come this large space.

If friend look closely at the picture above, you can see the the 1×2 is sagging in the middle of the left mirror since it is spanning such a lengthy distance. I supplied our brad nailer to pond it come the 1×6 over it to solve this problem.

There were so many finishes I would certainly have adjusted in ours bathroom if we had stayed in this residence longer.

To be completely honest i didn’t prefer the countertops, and also I wanted to readjust out the irradiate fixtures, faucets, and cabinet hardware.

But we knew the this home was a temporary house and we bought and also sold it solely to make a profit.

This project is a prime instance of exactly how you deserve to update a space on a tiny budget without an altering out every small thing or security a ton the money.

Adding DIY same is all around knowing her market and making smart selections to ensure the your time and also money adds value to her home!

Here are a couple of photos that the room all finished!

It definitely made a good impact!


It added some much needed balance to the height of the vanity, and also draws her eye far from some of the various other builder-grade finishes that had actually not yet been to update (like the light fixtures!).

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I have actually no doubt that this is just one that the many DIY updates that helped us market our house fast for height dollar.