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This short article describes the prerequisite software application updates that use to versions of home windows Vista that are discussed in the "Applies to" section. These software program updates room a prerequisite for windows Vista business Pack 1 (SP1). Additionally, this updates assist improve reliability when you download or remove Windows Vista SP1.

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Two or three added software updates room required prior to you install home windows Vista SP1. The software application updates the are compelled depend on the variation of windows Vista that you desire to upgrade. Prerequisite upgrade 935509 the is provided in this article only uses to home windows Vista Enterprise and also to home windows Vista Ultimate. The other prerequisite updates that are provided in this article use to all versions of windows Vista.Before windows Vista SP1 is released, these prerequisite updates will be yielded to most users with Windows update as component of on regular basis scheduled monthly updates. This updates will be installed together with other updates that will need that you restart the computer. Therefore, secondary restart will certainly not be required. This delivery an approach will assist simplify surroundings of the compelled updates.If you decision to install home windows Vista SP1 by utilizing the stand-alone installer rather of by making use of Windows Update, you will not have to install the prerequisite update separately. The prerequisite updates will certainly be set up by the stand-alone installer if they are necessary. The following three updates space required before you install home windows Vista SP1. However, these updates are also recommended if you carry out not intended to install windows Vista SP1. This updates help improve reliability and performance as soon as you install future individual updates indigenous

935509 A software application update is available for execution of windows Vista that include the windows BitLocker drive Encryption feature Update 935509 lets you correctly business Windows BitLocker journey Encryption-capable computers. This upgrade only uses to the complying with versions of windows Vista that incorporate Windows BitLocker journey Encryption:

Windows Vista Enterprise

Windows Vista Ultimate

Update 937287 to update the windows Vista surroundings software. For an ext information, view the "Update information" section.

Update information

Update 937287 is a prerequisite package that consists of updates come the windows Vista environment software. The installation software is the component that handles the installation and the removed of software updates, language packs, optional windows features, and also service packs. Upgrade 937287 is important to effectively install and also to eliminate Windows Vista SP1 on all versions of windows Vista. This upgrade will be accessible on the home windows Update internet site quickly after the release of upgrade 935509 and also before the relax of windows Vista SP1.Update 937287 is easily accessible from the home windows Update web site. To obtain this update, follow these steps:

Click start

, click Control Panel, and then clickSecurity.

Under Windows Update, click Check because that updates.Important

You must install this upgrade package ~ above a home windows Vista operating device that is running. You cannot install this upgrade package on one offline image.

If any type of other updates room waiting for a restart, the restart have to occur prior to you download this update.

You need to install update 949939 before you download this update.

update is obtainable from the Download facility

The following file is accessible for download native the Download Center:Download the update for home windows Vista (KB937287) package now.Download the update for windows Vista because that x64-based solution (KB937287) package now. For more information around how to download files, click the following post number to view the write-up in the knowledge Base:

119591 exactly how to acquire records from online services scanned this file for viruses. offered the most present virus-detection software that was available on the day that the file was posted. The file is save on computer on security-enhanced servers that aid prevent any unauthorized changes to the file.


You have to install update 949939 prior to you download this update.

Restart requirement

You have to restart the computer system after you use this update.

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upgrade replacement info

This upgrade does not replace a previously released update.

upgrade removal information

You cannot remove this update.For an ext information around software upgrade terminology, click the following short article number to see the write-up in the knowledge Base:

824684 summary of the standard terminology the is offered to describe software updates