getting the Tunic of the Wild have the right to seem like a challenging task in Breath of the Wild. Here"s a watch at exactly how to get it (& update it).

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The Tunic the the Wild armor collection in The Legend that Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the ideal armor set in the game. Not only does its set bonus strength up the grasp sword, yet it additionally serves together a trophy that just the most committed players will be able to earn. 

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In order to gain the many out the this legend armor set, link will must travel anywhere Hyrule and take on few of its most challenging challenges. From finding out the great Fairy Fountains come shooting down Hyrule’s legendary dragons, players won’t just stumble upon totally upgraded armor.

6 obtaining The Wild Armor Set

breath that the wild
In stimulate to gain the 3 pieces the armor in the Wild Armor set; specific the cap of the Wild, the Tunic the the Wild, and the pants of the Wild, football player will need to complete every shrine in the basic game. The 120 shrines scattered across Hyrule differ in difficulty, however Link will require to acquire through them every if he wishes to case this armor as his prize.

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after completing all 120 shrines, players will receive the side-quest, A Gift from the Monks, which will certainly lead them to the Forbidden Temple. By fast-traveling come the Rona Kachta Shrine, connect can bypass the hordes of Guardians outside and also skip straight to the an excellent stuff; three treasure chests put neatly on a stage, every containing one item of the Wild Armor set.

To completely upgrade each item of the Wild Armor, football player will need to find each of the four an excellent Fairy Fountains hidden across Hyrule. To find the an excellent Fairy, Kayasa, attach should fast-travel to the Tabantha Tower. Climate paraglide southern to the basic of Piper Ridge. Native there, football player should check their map and also head for a tiny body that water. Activate the spring by payment the forced rupees and Kayasa will be open up for business. 

In order to uncover the great Fairy, Mija, attach should fast-travel come Akkala Shiekah Tower, glide early out east and look for another little body that water. For the an excellent Fairy Cotera, fast-travel to the shrine in Kakariko Village. By continuing up the path and also into the forest, link will discover himself at one more Fairy Fountain. The an excellent Fairy Tera is situated in the far south-west the the map, surprise under the colossal skeleton the a dragon.

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Once all of the great Fairy Fountains have been discovered, connect will have the ability to pay the Fairies components to update his armor all the way. Upgrading the Wild Armor collection will give connect a +10 defense boost to every item he wears; the Cap, Tunic, and also Trousers. Attract the full set together will make the projectiles native Link’s master Sword reach substantially further, so it’s certainly worth put on all 3 pieces of Wild Armor.

Each item of the Wild armor deserve to be individually upgraded at the great Fairy Fountains, unfortunately, the going come be really pricey. Every piece have the right to be upgraded as soon as with 10 acorns and 2 scale of the equivalent legendary dragon. For the cap it’s the green dragon Farosh, because that the Tunic it’s the blue dragon Naydra, and for the Trousers, that the Red Dragon Dinraal. Each piece deserve to be upgraded again v 5 Courser punishment Honey and also 2 Claws indigenous the corresponding dragons, and a third time through 5 Energetic Rhino Beetles and also 2 Fangs native the equivalent dragons. For the final upgrade, attach will require to carry both a star fragment and also 2 horns the the equivalent dragons. Multiply every one of this through 3 and Link will be rocking a totally upgraded collection of Wild Armor.

since Link will need so numerous dragon parts, farming Farosh and the others are very important. Quick Travel to the Shoda Sah Shrine in the Faron Region. Swim increase the waterfall to the side using the Zora Armor and also place a campfire in ~ the optimal on the left next of the lake. Use the fire come wait till morning and Farosh will fly up and out of the lake. Use Link’s bow come shoot the horn, mouth, claws, or body because that each respective component of the dragon. As soon as the piece has actually shot off of Farosh, players will be able to automatically use the fire again there is no grabbing the piece, together it will stay even after changing the time the day. Farosh shoots out balls of lighting for this reason be sure to undertake the Rubber Armor or Thunder Helm while farming Farosh.

Unfortunately, farming Dinraal and also Naydra are less efficient than agriculture Farosh due to the fact that Link can not reach where they in reality spawn. In bespeak to farm Dinraal, football player should fast travel to Hebra Tower and collection up a campfire there for easy respawning. When set, paraglide down to the sheet of the chasm and also wait for Dinraal to fly under from the north. Dinraal will fly straight through the canyon, so link will easily be able to jump down and also fly together the dragon come shoot for every little thing piece players must farm.

likewise to Dinraal, players won’t have the ability to catch Naydra best where it spawns. Instead, players must fast-travel to the Dow Na’eh Shrine and head east. Swim up the waterfall and collection up a campfire on the cliff facing the hill to the eastern that hold the Shrine that Wisdom. Sleep until morning and then look to the skies above the mountain for Naydra come appear. Usage the dragon’s wait streams to paris up and shoot for whatever dragon part is required next.

once players have actually gathered all of the forced materials because that upgrading the Wild piece of armor, head come any great Fairy fountain and an increase them up. Now, link can don his shiny brand-new fully-upgraded Wild Armor.

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