Amazon is just one of the most well-known websites where you have the right to shop because that literally anything that you want. From clothing to serious computer system tech, girlfriend can uncover really affordable commodities in just a few clicks.

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A word of Advice

If you don’t have sufficient money on your main credit card, that is crucial to think ahead and also buy sufficient Amazon gift cards to cover the expense of her planned purchase. Friend can also purchase an ext codes top top kiosks that offer Amazon gift cards and also pay because that them through cash, credit transaction cards, and also even checks.

Once you room sure the you have sufficient credits come buy the product the you want, simply add that product to your digital shopping cart and also click Proceed come Checkout.You can include a credit card of your picking to the credits that room already easily accessible by adhering to instructions on the Payment Method screen.Amazon only permits you to usage one different payment an approach (e.g. Credit card) through your gift card codes.If you have actually bought many Amazon gift cards, include their codes into the field like earlier. Enter the password one by one and also hit the Apply to her Account switch after each code.

Add your Amazon Gift Cards come Kindle Fire

You deserve to use any type of of your easily accessible Amazon gift cards come shop because that books and also apps for her Kindle Fire. That doesn’t matter whether her Amazon gift cards are marked as Kindle gift cards or not. Since Kindle is an Amazon service, you can use every one of them.

You have two options for including these cards to her Kindle account. The first is to add them straight on the Kindle, and the second to add them v Amazon’s website.

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If you want to add your card straight to your Kindle Fire, you need to go through the setups menu. Merely swipe down and tap ~ above More.After that, pick Applications and also tap top top Appstore.Once you have actually done that, you need to find and also tap on Gift Card.When you fill in all the asked for information, click the Redeem button.

Shop on Amazon

Just due to the fact that there aren’t enough funds top top your credit transaction card doesn’t mean that friend can’t shop top top Amazon. If you have actually an old Visa gift card lying approximately or have actually received an Amazon gift map from a friend or a household member, girlfriend can quickly turn them right into Amazon credits and use them to pay for her purchases.