Take a look around any type of kitchenware store and also you’ll see gadgets for just around every kitchen task. While part don’t do a large difference in the prep-cook-clean-up bicycle (I"m looking at you, banana slicer), others deserve to totally readjust your food preparation experience.

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Okay, so what around a garlic press? do you really require this single-use tool in your kitchen or is it simply taking up precious space?

What is a garlic press?

This metal hand-held tool type of looks favor a nutcracker. To usage it, place a peeled garlic clove in the device, swing the arm around, and squeeze. Voila! new and carefully grated garlic increase from a network of little holes, all set to use in your cooking.

“The gentle press crushes the clove into small, soft pieces, releasing the delicious flavor and aroma the this beloved ingredient,” states Emily Kyle, RDN.

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Should you get one?

Let me be real for a second: prepping garlic have the right to be a pain, no to cite sticky and also stinky. If you wince at the point out of “mince” in a recipe, or girlfriend aren’t super-confident in her knife skills, a garlic press may be a great tool because that you.

“A garlic press can make enjoying fresh garlic quick and also easy, boosting the overall flavor of your meal,” says Kyle. If a recipe calls because that a big quantity of garlic, the device can additionally make it less complicated to prep her ingredients faster.

And if making use of a garlic press way you’re incorporating much more of the aromatic ingredient right into your cooking, that can be a good thing. “Garlic is a heart-healthy superfood with many helpful anti-inflammatory and immune raising properties,” says Kyle. “Research show that garlic has the potential to decrease threat of cardiovascular disease by boosting blood courage flexibility. The sulfur-containing compound in garlic also may be valuable to the top digestive tract and the stomach.”

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Where can you to buy a garlic press?

If you"re all set on buying a garlic press, but don"t know where to begin, examine out few of the best garlic presses ~ above the market: