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Google Voice is a online phone service offering cost-free and paid plans. Friend can obtain a Google Voice number for complimentary by signing up because that a Google account and also can then forward calls to your existing cell phone, landline, or computer. Law so lets you keep skilled and an individual calls separate without needing a brand-new device. Plus, it’s basic to set up, and also you deserve to start receiving or sending out calls within minutes.

Learn just how to obtain a Google number by adhering to four basic steps.

1. Authorize Up because that a Google Account

The an initial step toward getting a Google Voice number is to sign up because that a Google account. If you currently have an existing account, you have the right to skip to step two. Otherwise, you will need to click “Create Account” ~ above the Google Account sign-in page.

You will certainly then be asked come choose between two options: “For Myself” or “To manage My Business.” If you desire to usage the complimentary Google Voice services, choose “For Myself.” The second option, “Manage my Business,” is for adding paid plans.


Google Voice Costs

A personal Google Voice number is complimentary to use. Girlfriend can contact or message most areas in the U.S. Or Canada at no charge. However, you will certainly pay a per-minute charge when calling international locations. Rates vary however are lower than countless other voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) providers, v pricing starting at 1 cent per minute.

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If you desire a company phone system with additional features, such together a business level commitment (SLA), you should be a Google Workspace user and select from one of the complying with plans:

Starter: $10 per user, every month because that voicemail transcription and also Google Calendar integrationStandard: $20 per user, per month for a multilevel auto-attendant and ring groupsPremier: $30 every user, every month for unlimited international areas and progressed reporting

Google Voice Features

Once you gain a Google Voice number, you can start taking benefit of your digital phone system’s convenient features, together as:

Works on any kind of device, consisting of cell phones, landlines, and desktop computersUser-friendly, highly rated mobile apps for iOS and also AndroidA clean net user user interface to quickly make or obtain calls utilizing a browserReadable voicemails via Google’s cost-free voicemail transcription service

Paid Google Voice plan come with additional features, favor ring groups, a multilevel auto-attendant, and progressed reporting options.