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A neti pot is a famous home-based therapy for nasal congestion. If you’re enduring upper respiratory congestion or recovering from sleep surgery, you deserve to buy a neti pot and use a store-bought or homemade systems to water your nostrils.

This procedure deserve to clear out mucus and temporarily gain back ease the breathing. A neti pot is considered safe as long as girlfriend follow security guidelines and use the an equipment as directed.

A neti pot, i beg your pardon looks similar to a tea pot, flushes the end mucus from her nose. Making use of a saline solution with the maker instead of simply water helps decrease irritation.

People have actually used the neti pot come clear out their nasal passages for thousands of years.

If she congested from a cold or allergies, you may want to take into consideration using a neti pot. Your medical professional may also prescribe a specific solution to use in a neti pot if she recovering from sleep surgery.

To usage the device, pour the saline solution into one nostril at a time. The solution will flow through her nasal cavity and come the end of your other nostril.


According to a 2009 study, saline systems may:

cleanse her nasal cavityremove inflammation-causing elementsimprove the capability of your respiratory device to self-clean

Use the neti pot once a work if you have actually sinus congestion. If you find it to it is in effective, you might want to shot it twice a job while you still have actually symptoms.

You may uncover the usage of a neti pot so effective that you select to use it regularly.

Ready to shot one? to buy a neti pot online.

Step-by-step guide

Here’s a video clip that illustrates exactly how to use a neti pot:

Step 1

Use the neti pot in a room v a sink.

Add the saline equipment to a clean, dried neti pot.Bend over the sink and look straight down at the sink basin.Turn her head in ~ a 45-degree angle.Gently push the spout the the neti pot into the nose closest to the ceiling.Make sure you have a seal in between the neti pot and also your nostril. The neti pot shouldn’t touch your septum.

Step 2

Breathe through your mouth throughout this step.

Tip the neti pot so the saline equipment reaches her nostril. Save the neti pot tipped while the equipment runs with your nostril and leaves through your various other nostril.

Step 3

The solution will drain out that the nose closest come the sink basin.

Continue to pour the solution right into your nostril till the neti pot is empty. When you’ve used all of the solution, eliminate the neti pot from your nostril and also bring her head up. Breathe through both nose to clear out your nose. Usage a tissue to absorb remaining saline and also mucus the drips from your nose.

Step 4

Repeat the steps over to use the neti pot top top your other nostril.

Neti pots have the right to be a good solution because that congestion, however it’s necessary to usage caution as soon as trying nasal irrigation. Below are part tips to assist you usage the neti pot safely:

Use only distilled water, madness water boiled for numerous minutes and also left to cool come a lukewarm temperature, or effectively filtered water.Don’t usage water that’s too warm or too cold. Water that’s lukewarm or room temperature is ideal for your neti pot.Always clean and dry your neti pot after every use. To wash the neti pot with hot water and antibacterial soap. Dried it completely with a fresh record towel, or let the air dry.Replace your neti pot as frequently as you replace your toothbrush to stop bacteria and microbe buildup.Discontinue use of her neti pot if it stings her nostrils, reasons ear pain, or doesn’t enhance symptoms.Talk to a pediatrician prior to using the neti pot on a young child.Don’t usage a neti pot on an infant.

Preparing a systems for a neti pot can be excellent at home.

When act so, it’s essential to usage the right kind and temperature the water. Some water can carry organisms that might be harmful come you.

Water guidelines

There are several types of water safe to usage in a neti pot:

distilled or sterile water obtainable for acquisition from a storetap water that’s been boiled for number of minutes and cooled to a lukewarm temperature, i beg your pardon you can store as much as a work in advancewater that’s to be filtered making use of a specifically designed filter through an pure pore dimension of 1 micron or less to catch infectious organisms

Don’t use surface water or water straight from the insanity in a neti pot. If you concerned around the safety and security of her water, always use distilled water.

Neti pot solution

Follow these steps to create your saline solution:

Add 1 tespoon of kosher, pickling, or canning salt to a 16-ounce glass of lukewarm water.Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the glass.Stir the solution.

You deserve to store the staying solution at room temperature because that up to two days.

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If your nostrils sting for any kind of reason after making use of this solution with the neti pot, use fifty percent the salt when making another batch.