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If attempting to pop your very own zits, Lee says to walk for just superficial whiteheads and to make sure to sterilize the area and also your fingers or tools.

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Following is a transcript that the video.

Celia Skvaril: say thanks to you so lot for meeting v me today, virtually. It"s very good to see an additional face. I hear we have actually something in common, and also that being that we both popular music a most pimples.

Sandra Lee: Oh, really?

Celia: i have had this devastating breakout now because November. It"s the worst breakout I"ve ever had. Ns don"t recognize what"s walk on. So, ns pop a the majority of pimples, ns don"t think I"m doing it the right way. For this reason I"m make the efforts to gain your aid today on just how I can finest do it in ~ home.

Lee: So, what ns really recommend there is not to pick your pimples, because the issue is that as soon as you pick them, very first of all, if you pick them as soon as they"re also early, once they"re just deep under there and you understand there"s something and you squeeze in ~ it, it just makes that madder. It renders it bigger. And also it renders it an ext problematic. And also there"s a potential for scarring, which have the right to be permanent, and infection, bigger infections. So I"m gonna to speak don"t perform it. However I recognize a many us can"t help it due to the fact that there"s a many downtime and also there"s a most stress and anxiety. And these type of points really make that picking type of come to a height.

Celia: Say i say no to all of your advice and also I want to popular music a pimple.

Lee: OK. Celia: just how do I recognize if it"s prepared to be popped? You claimed if the has, like, a whitehead.

Lee: If it"s the many superficial to her skin, meaning that the is... There"s a very thin great of skin best over the pustule, that"s the most ideal time to popular music it, since it is gonna have less trauma. The deeper that you inflame or irritate your skin, like, the depth you try to squeeze it, the depth you try to poke something into some area of her skin, the an ext chance you have of having a permanent scar.

Celia: So, I execute have, like, a superficial pimple ideal now. And I to be hoping you can walk me through just how I would certainly pop it, if I deserve to pop it v you on camera?

Lee: Well, can I view it first?

Celia: Yeah. Have the right to you watch that? It"s just right -

Lee: Uh, I view a small bump there, however I don"t think that"s a pustule. It"s just a bump. I simply see a redness bump. But I"m gonna say ns don"t think you should do that. That is no at the phase that the is poppable, as much as I deserve to see.

Celia: So, to be honest, that"s not just how I to be expecting the to go. Very first of all, i learned that I"ve to be popping a many pimples the were not prepared to it is in popped. Dr. Lee does no think that anyone need to be popping your pimples at home, nevertheless of the situation. I appreciate her honesty, and also I also appreciate the fact that she understands over there are world out there like me who can"t regulate the habit. Therefore she was nice enough to speak me through some actions that can aid minimize scarring and also infection. However that"s no to say that those things still can"t happen. The next time I have an advice to popular music a pimple, I"m going to wait till it"s superficial, and also I"m walk to follow Dr. Lee"s advice to check out if i see any kind of less scarring or irritation contrasted to my normal pore-popping technique. So, I"ve been wait a few days to watch if I acquired one, and, indeed, ns did acquire this tiny friend below on mine chin. First things first: Here"s what you need to do this. If you"ve got a comedone extractor, use that. Yet I"m assuming a many you don"t, so Dr. Lee stated you can use two Q-tips or her fingers wrapped about tissues. Besides that, you"ll need a gentle challenge cleanser, I"m using the CeraVe Hydrating facial Cleanser, a washcloth, noodle balls or pads, rubbing alcohol, and a clues treatment.

Lee: maybe take a shower, heavy steam your face somehow in the shower head or end steamed vegetables come make certain your skin is nice and soft so that your pores space dilated as much as they can be and also relaxed, her skin feel good. After your skin is nice and soft and clean, your hands room clean, your tools are clean, use alcohol on them. That"s as soon as you can use a comedone extractor, as I have here. And you desire to use pressure indigenous all type of directions and also push on it. Girlfriend don"t need to push really hard. It have the right to be painful. If it"s a pimple, it"s painful oftentimes. But try to press down ~ above it. If you don"t acquire it in one direction, girlfriend might try a various direction.

Celia: OK, so this aren"t really functioning for me. Yet Dr. Pimple Popper stated you could additionally use two clean tissues wrapped about your fingertips. And that can give me a little bit an ext traction and also just control, wherein I feel prefer with the Q-tips ns can"t really regulate them. Two little ghosts. All set to pop. Oh, wait.

Lee: The vital is, if friend feel like this is taking you much longer than a minute, really, recognize when to stop. And it method that perhaps this is no poppable.

Celia: Ooh! We got her. There she blows. I just checked, and all of the whiteness is out. It"s bleeding a small bit, and that"s really regular for me. It"s only a tiny bit, and also my skin, i don"t know just how to say. I bleed really easily.

Lee: After friend extract something, you can apply a tiny bit that antibiotic ointment to it, prefer a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment. You can even use a tiny Cortaid, a small cortisone, a little over-the-counter cortisone, since that can assist to minimization the redness and also inflammation.

Celia: I"m actually really surprised, due to the fact that that didn"t hurt in ~ all. And usually once I"m popping a pimple, that hurts. And now I understand the difference, since that was completely painless. And also it came out ~ above its own. So, for any type of pimple poppers the end there, if you"re no able to curb the habit, hopefully these steps provided you a tiny bit of one idea on just how to obtain less irritation.

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Lee: litter the magnifying mirror away! nobody sees her skin favor that! nobody sees your skin looking choose that. Only you do. And also it"s messing through your head.