Tips because that Outwitting Squirrels

Tired of squirrels raiding her bird feeders? right here are some ways to thwart the furry bandits. staff Mar 31, 2010
George Harrison, an proficient birder and the author of several books—including Squirrel Wars and also Other Battles through Backyard Wildlife (Willow Creek Press, 2000)—interviewed people approximately the country who mutual the adhering to tips for maintaining squirrels the end of bird feeders.#1. Duct DistractionA man in St. Louis, Missouri, found that a size of aluminum duct an installed under the feeder foils the squirrels. "The squirrels go up the post and into the duct, yet no farther," the says.#2. Slinky SurpriseFor about four dollars, a Quincy, Illinois, homeowner has delighted in 99 percent squirrel-proof feeders – making use of a Slinky. That attached one finish of the Slinky to the optimal of the pole and permitted the remainder to cave so the the pole operation up v the center of the Slinky. Typically, the says, "the squirrels will try to run onto the pole, seize the Slinky and promptly find themselves dumped come the ground."#3. Plastic party BlockUsing plastic bottles, a Williamsburg, Virginia, residents devised a straightforward and cheap means to store squirrels off his bird feeders. "I made feet in the bottom of a couple of two-liter juice bottles, large enough to get about the write-up of mine bird feeders," that says. "Then hanging them lengthwise, ns secured the bottles a couple of inches listed below the feeder with duct tape." He supplied the same setup ~ above a hanging feeder, slide the bottles under the wire to place them above the feeder.#4. Plastic bottle Block IIPlastic soda party strung on hefty galvanized stole wire operated for author and birder George Harrision when he performed a bird-seed experiment in ~ his residence in Hubertus, Wisconsin. George drilled holes in the bottoms of the bottles and strung castle lengthwise ~ above a 30-foot wire the ran through the holes and the open ends the the bottles, eight feet above his patio. The six tube feeders hanging in between the bottles were never touched through squirrels, i m sorry would have actually rolled off the bottles had actually they tried. Harrison additionally found the a clear plastic dome baffle put directly over a hanging tube feeder functions well, as lengthy as the feeder is high sufficient off the ground. The squirrels merely slip off the plastic baffle without gaining to the feeder.#5. Pipe DreamsA handyman in Donora, Pennsylvania, uncovered that the very same pipe provided for plumbing can be an reliable deterrent because that squirrels, i beg your pardon can´t rise it. Utilizing the pipe together a write-up on which a bird feeder is an installed prevents the creatures from getting any traction. They simply slide down. The Pennsylvania handyman decorated his posts with white-and-black paints to do them look like white birch. He climate drilled holes in the tops because that attaching the feeders with wire.#6. Bird seeds ShockerAnother option is the WildBills bird feeder. Despite some human being have wired their feeders with electrical energy to save squirrels away, that have the right to be very dangerous. A safer alternative is The WildBills bird feeder, which has a built-in, battery-operated charger the lightly zaps squirrels once they do contact. Birds execute not get a shock because they cannot do a call with just two legs. The tiny charge only startles squirrels; the is far from being solid enough to hurt them.#7. Wire display TimeA mrs in Virginia constructed a substantial chicken-wire house, tall enough to stand in so the she can feed the birds and grow tomatoes within without losing everything to the squirrels. On a smaller sized scale, commercially make hanging feeders surrounding by wire display screen allow tiny birds come enter and also feed, but exclude larger bully birds and also squirrels.#8. Safflower PowerA growing variety of backyard birders have actually switched from sunflower seeds to safflower seeds in your bird feeders. They uncover that the adjust in diet is well-known with cardinals, house finches, chickadees, nuthatches and mourning doves, however the safflower doesn"t appeal come squirrels.
or, if you can"t to win them... #9. Feed Them.Some homeowners have simply learned to live through the squirrels – and also actually feed them a safe street from your birdfeeders.

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After year of battling them at your feeding station, trying virtually every form of feeder and seed, a couple in Boulder, Colorado, began feeding 설 설 on the floor a street away indigenous bird feeders. Not only do lock spend just a few dollars a month feeding the squirrels, the pair has uncovered that pine siskins and also other birds are likewise attracted to the feeding area top top the ground.Adapted from creative Solutions by George Harrison, national Wildlife, December/January 2001.Related Links:Learn how to entice wildlife to your garden and also become a Certified Wildlife Habitat®Birdfeeding 101