Pasta strainers: one of the most basic utensils in the kitchen lasignoralaura.come use, right? You simply pop the in the sink, and also dump her pasta in there, and then dump the pasta the end of the strainer, ago into the pot. Wait though. What if that’s not… right.

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A Twitter user has carried to our attention that supposedly we’ve been using pasta strainers all wrong.

Good morning to everyone. Simply saw this on Facebook and also spazzed.

— Daibella (
Daibellaaa) October 2, 2017

The tweet has actually blown minds across the internet.


It's been retweeted 22,000 times, so obviously 22,000 people agree the this is groundbreaking news for the amateur cook world.

In theory, this is amazing, because it saves one whole step in the pasta straining process, and time saved is faster pasta. It additionally reduces the threat of catastrophic pasta loss in between transfers.

On the various other hand, are there too plenty of variables here? This process requires holding two points at once, and for those of united state who are much less coordinatedly-abled, this could an outlasignoralaura.come in leaking cook water anywhere ourselves, and precious pasta shed to the floor. Also, what if your strainer is a different size to her pasta pot? perform you just organize it in ~ the bottom and also hope for the best, or perform you go out and also start a whole brand-new collection the pasta strainers in every size?

According to celebrity chef and pasta expert Giada De Laurentiis that spoke to Today in the US, this technique is "a tad bit risky and also dangerous if you don't have a perfectly fitting strainer and pot lasignoralaura.combination". She likewise said it renders her "sad to see that beautiful pasta water go under the drain".

James Briscione, manager of culinary research for the academy of Culinary education and learning in brand-new York City called Today the best means to chef your pasta is to "scoop it directly from the water right into your sauce".

"You desire to obtain a tiny of the starchy water into your sauce to enhance the flavour and also texture that the sauce and also aid the sauce host on to the pasta better," the said.

You deserve to do this utilizing tongs, or by using the colander the method most of us do - by putting the pot of pasta right into it, and also leaving it lasignoralaura.come sit in several of the pasta water.

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We no much longer have any kind of idea exactly how we're meant to usage a pasta strainer. Yet I'm more than willing to accept I'm more than likely doing that wrong.